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AOTI offline:Bullets

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The majority of photon arts for RANGED weapons are available for purchase at the G.R.M shop on planet Parum. Some may require completion of Story Missions to access.


Card PAs

Element Price
Ensei-shiki Fire 7000
Reisei-shiki Ice 7000
Raisei-shiki Lightning 7000
Jusei-shiki Ground 7000
Yousei-shiki Light 12000
Insei-shiki Dark 12000
Kyumeisei-shiki Neutral 25000
Masei-shiki Neutral 25000

Crossbow PAs

Element Price
Yak Banga Fire 7000
Yak Riga Ice 7000
Yak Inga Lightning 7000
Yak Diga Ground 7000
Yak Yoga Light 12000
Yak Megiga Dark 12000
Yak Zagenga Neutral 25000
Yak Maga Neutral 25000

Grenade PAs

Element Price
Boma Banga Fire 7000
Boma Riga Ice 7000
Boma Inga Lightning 7000
Boma Diga Ground 7000
Boma Yoga Light 12000
Boma Megiga Dark 12000
Boma Duranga Neutral 25000
Boma Maga Neutral 25000

Handgun PAs

Element Price
Burning Hit Fire 400
Frozen Hit Ice 400
Plasma Hit Lightning 400
Grav Hit Ground 3000
Rising Hit Light 12000
Dark Hit Dark 12000
Penetrating Hit Neutral 25000
Mayalee Hit Neutral 25000

Laser Cannon PAs

Laser cannons
Element Price
Burning Prism Fire 10000
Frozen Prism Ice 10000
Plasma Prism Lightning 10000
Grav Prism Ground 10000
Rising Prism Light 12000
Dark Prism Dark 12000
Phantasm Prism Neutral 25000
Mayalee Prism Neutral 25000

Longbow PAs

Element Price
Ensei-sou Fire 3000
Reisei-sou Ice 3000
Raisei-sou Lightning 3000
Jisei-sou Ground 3000
Yousei-sou Light 12000
Insei-sou Dark 12000
Chousei-sou Neutral 25000
Masei-sou Neutral 25000

Machinegun PAs

Element Price
Burning Fury Fire 3000
Frozen Fury Ice 3000
Plasma Fury Lightning 3000
Grav Fury Ground 3000
Rising Fury Light 12000
Dark Fury Dark 12000
Mayalee Fury Neutral 25000
Meseta Fury Neutral Random Prize with Lou in party

Rifle PAs

Element Price
Burning Shot Fire 3000
Frozen Shot Ice 3000
Plasma Shot Lightning 3000
Grav Shot Ground 3000
Rising Shot Light 12000
Dark Shot Dark 12000
Killer Shot Neutral 25000
Mayalee Shot Neutral 25000

Shotgun PAs

Element Price
Barada Banga Fire 4000
Barada Riga Ice 4000
Barada Inga Lightning 4000
Barada Diga Ground 4000
Barada Yoga Light 12000
Barada Megiga Dark 12000
Barada Chamga Neutral 25000
Barada Maga Neutral 25000

Twin Handgun PAs

Twin handguns
Element Price
Twin Burn Fire 400
Twin Freeze Ice 400
Twin Plasma Lightning 400
Twin Grav Ground 3000
Twin Rising Light 12000
Twin Dark Dark 12000
Twin Penetration Neutral 25000
Twin Mayalee Neutral 25000
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