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AOTI offline:Claws

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Ambition of the Illuminus
This article pertains to an item, mission or other feature from the offline version of Ambition of the Illuminus.

A claw.

Claws are a class of melee weapons that come in two types - the single claw that can be wielded with an offhand weapon like a handgun and the twin claws which are two handed.

Known claws

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Rarity Name Maker PP Att. Acc. Req. Comments
4★ Misaki Yohmei 162 266 96  ? --
5★ Ga-Misaki Yohmei 210 462 96  ? Dark element: 22% (when bought from shop)
6★ Neiclaw Kubara Product 188 521 160  ? Drop:Hill of Spores C
7★ Zaks Breba TENORA WORKS 180 487 152  ? --
10★ Giza-Misaki Yohmei 229 596 136  ? --
12★ Ohga-Misaki Yohmei 239 658 136  ? --
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