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AOTI offline:Decorations

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Room Decorations

Here is a full listing of known (offline) decorations with pictures in order to personalise your room to your desire. Some decorations are meant to be interactive or can be placed on other decorative items such as tables and shelves. Unfortunately this has not been implemented in offline mode. May possibly be resolved in future expansions.

Rarity Name Type Pic Price/Obtain
2★ Green Light Lightstand Green Light.png 1000
Pink Light Lightstand Pink Light.png 1000
Blue Light Lightstand Bluelight.png 1000
Refreshing Green Plant Refreshing Green.png 1000
Sunflower Furniture Sunflower.PNG Drop:Mad Beasts
Cosmo Fountain Toilet Cosmo Fountain.png 3000
3★ Strange Flower Plant Strange Flower.png 5000
Purple Flower Plant Purple Flower.png 5000
Lautus Flower Plant Lautus Flower.png 8000
Mushrooms Plant Mushrooms.png 8000/Drop:Hill of Spores
4★ Scroll Furnishing Scroll.png 2500
Refreshing Jelly Furnishing Refreshing Jelly.png 8000
Moatoob Kazla Plant Moatoob Kazla.png Drop:Moatoob
Paper Lantern Lamp Paper Lantern.png 25000
Airboard Model Airboard.png 12000
Floader Model Floader.png 12000
Maid Tablet Food Maid Tablet.jpg 1000
Tar Tarre Interactive(?) Tar Tarre.jpg 1500
5★ Touro Lightstand Touro.png 3000/Drop:Rainbow Beast
Round Lantern Lightstand Round Lantern.png 2500
Modern Light ORN Lightstand Modern Light ORN.png 2500
Modern Light WHT Lightstand Modern Light WHT.png 2500
Sweet Nightstand Lightstand Sweet Nightstand.jpg 3000
Goth Nightstand Lightstand Goth Night Stand.jpg 3000
Neudaiz Stand Lightstand Neudaiz Stand.jpg 3000
Photon Star Furnishing Photon Star.png 2500
Gumball Machine Interactive(?) Gumball Machine.png 2500
Hourglass Furnishing =Hourglass.png 2500
Ladean Pillar Furnishing Ladean Pillar.jpg 5000
Red Planter Plant Red Planter.jpg 3000
White Planter Plant White Planter.jpg 3000
Yellow Planter Plant Yellow Planter.jpg 3000
Container Furnishing Container.png 1000
Dumbell Interactive(?) Dumbell.png 3000
Mysterious Skull Furnishing Mysterious Skull.jpg 5000
6★ G Flyer (blue) Model G Flyer (Blue).png 40000
G Flyer (orange) Model G Flyer (Orange).png 40000
Bar Counter Furnishing Bar Counter.png 11000
Sweet Night Light Lamp Sweet Night Light.jpg 5000
Goth Night Light Lamp Goth Night Light.jpg 5000
Neudaiz Light Lamp Neudaiz Light.jpg 5000
Torch Furnishing Torch.jpg 3000
Hopping Bel Pannon Sculpture Hopping Bel Pannon.png Drop:Bel Pannon
Vanda Sculpture Vanda (room decoration).png Drop:Vanda
Mysterious Meter Furnishing Mysterious Meter.jpg 5000
Tan Gerine Food TanGerine.png 1000
7★ PPT Shuttle (blue) Model PPT Shuttle.png 25000
Endrum PPT Shuttle Model Endrum PPT Shuttle.png 25000
Military PPT Shuttle Model Military PPT Shuttle.png 25000
Bruce's Cargo Model Bruce's Cargo.png 12000
Koltova Transport Model Koltova Transport.png 10000
COG Limo Shuttle Model COG Limo Shuttle.png 10000
COG Cargo Shuttle Model COG Cargo Shuttle.png 10000
Maiden's Ship Model Maiden's Ship.png 10000
Landeel A/B Model Landeel Model.PNG 10000 each
HIVE Model HIVE (room decoration).png Drop:Dark Satellite
G. Colony Collectible Model Gcolony.jpg 10000
Parum Collectible Sculpture Parum collectible.jpg 10000/Reward:Train Rescue C
Neudaiz Collectible Sculpture Neudaiz collectible.jpg 10000/Reward:Grove of Fanatics C
Moatoob Collectible Sculpture Moatoob collectible.jpg 10000
Grinna Bete S Sculpture Grinna Bete S (room decoration).png Drop:Grinne Bete S
Baying/Glaring De Ragnus Sculpture De Ragnus Figure.png  ?
De Ragan Sculpture De Ragan (room decoration).png  ?
Zoona Sculpture Zoona (room decoration).png  ?
Lapucha Figure Sculpture Lapucha Figure.png  ?
Rappy Figure Sculpture Rappyfigure.png  ?
Petrified Rappy Sculpture Petrifiedrappy.png  ?
Walking Pannon Sculpture Walkingpannon.png Drop:Pannon
Sonic Sculpture Sonic.png New Character Inventory.
Tails Sculpture Tails.png New Character Inventory.
BR Burning Poster Furnishing Brburningposter.png 10000
Magic Lamp Interactive(?) Magic Lamp.jpg 5000
Wood Tile  ? Wood Tile.jpg 3000
Green Tile  ? Green Tile.jpg 3000
White Mushroom Log Plant WhiteMushroomLog.jpg 2000
Mosamosa Tree Plant Mosamosa Tree.jpg Drop:Moatoob
Bathtub Interactive(?) Bathtub.jpg 10000
Dreamcatcher Furnishing Dreamcatcher.jpg 10000
Rappy Doll Table/Shelf Rappy Doll.JPG 8000
Pannon Doll Table/Shelf Pannon Doll.png 8000
Koltova Doll Table/Shelf Koltova Doll.png 8000
Lunga Doll Table/Shelf Lunga Doll.jpg 8000
Kakwane Doll Table/Shelf Kakwane Doll.JPG Drop:White Beast
Bath Set Furnishing Bath set.jpg 2000
Chab Dai Table Furniture Chab Dai Table.jpg 5000
Cushion Jaggo Sculpture Cushion Jaggo.png 10000
8★ Parum Fountain Furnishing Parum Fountain.jpg 8000
Bamboo Water Pipe Furnishing Bamboo Water Pipe.png 8000
Lab Set Furnishing Labset.png 15000
Welcome Arch Furnishing WelcomeArch.png 10000
Mysterious Grave Furnishing Mgrave.jpg 10000
Mushroom Light (M) Lightstand Mushroom Light(M).jpg Reward:Hill of Spores C
Mushroom Light (S) Lamp Mushroom Light S.jpg Reward:Hill of Spores B
Tea Set Table/Shelf Tea Set.jpg 5000
Barbell Interactive(?) Barbell.png 5000
9★ Trap Panel Interactive(?) Trap Panel.jpg 5000
Stateria Figure Sculpture Stateria figure.jpg 15000
Pahra Figure Sculpture Pahra Figure.jpg 10000
Kakwane Figure Sculpture Kakwane Figure.jpg 10000
Protein Can Table/Shelf Protein Can.png 3000
Ori Ori Interactive (?) Ori Ori.jpg 30000
Ano Relic Furnishing Ano relic.jpg Drop:Dual Sentinel
Tsubo Furnishing Tsubo.jpg Drop:Neudaiz
10★ Treasure Chest Furnishing Treasure Chest.jpg 10000
Crystal Skull Furnishing Crystalskull.jpg Drop:Electronic Brain
11★ Sega Logo Light Furnishing Sega Logo Light.jpg 24000
12★ Onmascreen Furnishing Onmascreen.jpg Reward:Flying Beast C
13★ Mark III Table/Shelf Markiii.jpg 15000
Master System Table/Shelf Mastersystem.jpg 16800
Mega Drive Table/Shelf Genesis.jpg 21000
Sega Saturn Table/Shelf SegaSaturn.jpg 44800
Dreamcast Table/Shelf Dreamcast.png 29800
Mirei Photo Stand Table/Shelf MireiPhotoStand.png 100000
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