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AOTI offline:Laia Martinez

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This article contains plot-related information which can be considered spoiler material. Continue reading at your own risk!



Laia Martinez


Name Laia Martinez Affiliation GUARDIANS
Race Beast Gender Female
Age 24 Height (175)Rp
JP Voice Yūko Kaida
(甲斐田 裕子)
EN Voice Gina Tuosto


Laia becomes a GUARDIANS Instructor. She seems to be a very strict, demanding person. She's pretty rash and quick to get angry or start a fight, especially if someone judges her (or is late). Hates scoundrels and liars (as seen on her Partner Card). She also seems to like nitpicking at Hyuga Ryght, as is shown in the beginning of story mission chapter 3.

She seems to be friends with Tonnio Rhima and Leo (Tonnio even claims she "has a thing" for Leo). She hates Ethan Waber and calls him an idiot.

She also seems to be skeptical towards the Communion of Gurhal and its members ("They cause enough of a stink as it is"). She is the adopted daughter of Obel Dallgun- she ran away from home because she was treated differently as a Guardian because of that. According to Lucaim Nav, she's so tomboy she even charms the ladies.

Episode 1

Laia Martinez has no known involvement in the events of Episode 1.

Episode 2

Laia Martinez accompanies the player character during all of Episode 2, helping to unravel the mystery behind Ethan Waber's attempts at assassinating GUARDIANS Presdient Obel Dallgun and kidnapping the Divine Maiden.

It is discovered that Laia is the adopted daughter of President Dallgun.

Random facts

Partner characters

Partner Card

Laia Martinez
Laia Martinez
Race Beast Gender Female
Type Hunter (1) Level +3
Card comment I hate scoundrels
and liars.
Card requirements
Chapter 1


Weapon Name Linked Effect Used during
6★ TENORA WORKS Neutral Mukarad Dus Robado LV21 to 30 skill LV1+
4★ Yohmei Neutral Ryo-Misaki Bukuu Rensen-ga LV21 to 30 skill LV25+
5★ TENORA WORKS Neutral Ank Barde Anga Redda LV21 to 30 skill LV50+
5★ Yohmei Light Canara
Resta LV11 to 20 TECHNIC LV1+
Reverser LV11 to 20 TECHNIC LV1+
Equipment Name Effect Used during
 ?★ Yohmei Neutral  ?-senba - LV1 to 24
 ?★ G.R.M. Fire  ?line - LV25+
- - - - Zeed Val Speed Nanoblast LV20+



See Laia Martinez.

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