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AOTI offline:Laser cannons

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Ambition of the Illuminus
This article pertains to an item, mission or other feature from the offline version of Ambition of the Illuminus.

A laser cannon.

Laser cannons are two-handed ranged weapon. They are heavy and slow-firing. Their shots can pierce and hit multiple enemies. It is possible to go into first-person shooting mode with this weapon for more accurate shots. It does not hit multiple hit boxes.

Known laser cannons

Rarity Icon Name Maker PP Att. Acc. Req. Availability
Laser cannons
Laser Cannon G.R.M. 357 581 53  ? GRM shop Holtes
Laser cannons
Maser Cannon G.R.M. 378 723 53  ? GRM shop Holtes
Laser cannons
Thunder Cannon G.R.M. 399 865 53  ? GRM shop Holtes
Laser cannons
Kouhakanoh Yohmei 510 1085 64  ? Yohmei shop Ohtoku
Laser cannons
Ryusaikanoh Yohmei 600 1302 93  ? Yohmei shop Ohtoku
Laser cannons
Love Inferno G.R.M. 525 1439 93  ? Drop: Fulyen Curtz (Illuminus Ambition 1 A)
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