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AOTI offline:Machineguns

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Ambition of the Illuminus
This article pertains to an item, mission or other feature from the offline version of Ambition of the Illuminus.

A machinegun.

Machineguns are ranged weapons wielded in the offhand. They are relatively weak, but have an incredibly high rate of fire - this means they burn up PP pretty quickly, as well. You cannot go into first-person shooting mode while using Machineguns. However, you can move and strafe while firing a machinegun, unlike many ranged weapons. This makes the machinegun ideal for pressing an attack while dodging ranged attacks and TECHNICs such as Barta or Megid.

Machineguns are the spiritual succesors to the Mechgun weapon class found in Phantasy Star Online; like the mechguns, machineguns have the highest firing rate and shortest range compared to other ranged weapons.

Known machineguns

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Rarity Name Maker PP Att. Acc. Req. Comments
3★ Greasegun G.R.M. 147 22 16 26 --
Magga Gres TENORA WORKS 147 25 15 26 --
4★ Repeater G.R.M. 166 30 28 39 --
5★ Gatling G.R.M. 176 37 28 51 --
6★ Vulcan G.R.M. 186 44 28 63 --
7★ Beam Vulcan G.R.M. 215 52 37 73 --
Magga S'bina TENORA WORKS 210 58 35 66 --
10★ Muzzlefever G.R.M. 235 68 48 82 --
13★ Germinus Gun G.R.M. 283 89 54 87 [B] Reward: Train Rescue S
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