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AOTI offline:Partner characters

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Ambition of the Illuminus
This article pertains to an item, mission or other feature from the offline version of Ambition of the Illuminus.



Partner characters are non-player characters able to join story missions and engage in combat. If certain requirements are met, some partner characters will give a partner card, allowing them to be invited to missions.


During Episode 2 Story missions, partner characters will join automatically. The player can invite a partner character for free missions. A maximum of three partner characters can be invited. Partner machines count as partner characters. Combat is based on each partner character's combat behavior.

  • When not engaged in combat, partner characters will follow the player.
  • Separation from the player can cause partner characters to teleport to the player's location.
  • A partner character's character level is based on the player's character level. Level caps do not apply to partner characters.
  • Partner characters can travel through closed barriers but not solid objects.
  • Partner characters can trigger traps. Partner characters cannot activate switches.
  • Incapacitated partner characters fully revive after 20 seconds.
  • Most partner characters are equipped with a TECHNIC weapon linked with Resta.
  • Some partner characters change equipment at level twenty five, level fifty and level one hundred.
  • A partner character's items have store bought attribute rates. Equipment requirements do not apply to partner characters.
  • Cast and Beast partner characters have racial abilities at level one which cannot be activated until level twenty.
  • Photon Art level caps do not apply to partner characters. Photon Points do not apply to partner characters.

Partner characters otherwise have the same capabilities as the player character.

A partner character has gender, race, type, weapons, photon arts, line shields, units, partner card, stats, voice, Chat macros, etc.

This article contains plot-related information which can be considered spoiler material. Continue reading at your own risk!

Partner cards

Name Card Comment Card requirements Missions
Laia Martinez I hate scoundrels
and liars.
Chapter 1, All Chapters,
Lou I will help
if necessary.
Chapter 2, Chapter 2,
Chapter 10,
Fulyen Curtz AMF 177th Anti-
SEED squadron
Chapter 3, Chapter 3,
Maya Shidow Let me know if
you need help with
your equipment!
Chapter 4, Chapter 4,
Chapter 6,
Lucaim Nav I'll make a
Guardian out of
you yet.
Chapter 5, Chapter 5,
Hyuga Ryght Please let me know
if I can be of
Chapter 6, Chapter 3,
Leogini Berafort Call me Leo. If
you ever need any
help, I'll be there!
Chapter 7, Chapter 7,
Chapter 10,
Alfort Tylor I try not to kill
people or rob the
Chapter 8, None
Tonnio Rhima I'll give you a
hand if I'm bored!
Chapter 9, Chapter 9,
Chapter 10,
Ethan Waber
I'm not a Guardian
now, but I'll still
protect the world!
Chapter 10, Chapter 8,
Chapter 10,
Partner machine Please use this
card when I can be
of service.
Production Level 30+ None
Karen Erra I may not be
around much.
Data Transfer None

Unobtainable partner cards

Name Card Comment Missions
Hiru Vol I'm Hiru Vol, of
the invincible
Vol brothers!
Chapter 1[1]
No Vol I'm No Vol, of
the invincible
Vol brothers!
Chapter 1[1]
Do Vol I'm Do Vol, of
the invincible
Vol brothers!
Chapter 1[1]
Fulyen Curtz
(without helmet)
AMF 177th Anti-
SEED squadron
Chapter 3,
Kanal Tomrain  ? Chapter 8,
Liina Sukaya I'm the first mate
of the Landeel.
Mirei Mikuna Call me Karen--
I'll always be a
Guardian at heart.
Renvolt Magashi  ? None
(without hat)
I will help
if necessary.
Bruce Boyde I'll go anywhere
and supply you
with anything.
Remlia Norphe For the Koltova,
trust Green Green
Obel Dallgun For safety,
security and
peace of mind.
Hal This is Hal, from
GC5! What's new
with you?
Orson Waber (I was away for a
while, but now I've
returned. It's good
to see you.)
Maira Klein  ? None
Izuma Rutsu
(Armed Servant)
(I am Light Master
Rutsu of the COG.
May the Holy
Light be with you.)
Karl F. Howzer (I am Karl F. Howzer,
leader of the Illuminus.
You won't soon
forget my power!)
Vivienne  ? None
Laia Martinez
(I may be president
now, but I'm still
a Guardian at heart!)
Mina  ? None

Reference notes

  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 During these missions, these characters only used the party's chat system. These characters were not party members.
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