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The majority of TECHNICs are available for purchase at the Yohmei shop on planet Neudaiz. Some may require completion of Story Missions to access.

Name Type Price
Foie TECH foie.gif 1000
Rafoie TECH rafoie.gif 3500
Damfoie TECH damfoie.gif 4500
Gifoie TECH gifoie.gif 8000
Shifta TECH shifta.gif 2500
Jellen TECH jellen.gif 1500
Barta TECH barta.gif 1000
Rabarta TECH rabarta.gif 3500
Dambarta TECH dambarta.gif 2500
Gibarta TECH gibarta.gif 8000
Deband TECH deband.gif 2500
Zalure TECH zalure.gif 1500
Zonde TECH zonde.gif 1000
Razonde TECH razonde.gif 3500
Gizonde TECH gizonde.gif 8000
Noszonde TECH noszonde.gif 4500
Zodial TECH zodial.gif 4000
Zoldeel TECH zoldeel.gif 1500
Diga TECH diga.gif 450
Radiga TECH radiga.gif 3500
Damdiga TECH damdiga.gif 4500
Gidiga TECH gidiga.gif 8000
Nosdiga TECH nosdiga.gif 4500
Dizas TECH dizas.gif 35000
Resta TECH resta.gif 1200
Giresta TECH giresta.gif 9800
Reverser TECH reverser.gif 3000
Regrant TECH regrant.gif 14000
Rentis TECH rentis.gif 35000
Retier TECH retier.gif 4000
Megid TECH megid.gif 450
Ramegid TECH ramegid.gif 3500
Dammegid TECH dammegid.gif 4500
Nosmegid TECH nosmegid.gif 8000
Megiverse TECH megiverse.gif 35000
Megistar TECH megistar.gif 35000
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