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Female Beast in nanoblast form
Male Beast in nanoblast form

Nanoblasting is the beasts' racial ability. They can temporarily transform into a more animalistic and beastial form, improving their abilities in combat.

This transformation is possible because of the extensive genetic modification that beasts underwent in their creation. In order to survive on the harsh conditions of Moatoob, beasts have this ability to help them survive environmental disasters and catastrophic accidents.

On Moatoob, the beast home planet, there is a law against nanoblasting in cities, as the beasts are a hot-blooded and proud people, given to fighting. This law carries strict penalties. However, in the recent times of peace, fighting has been a rarity, and resources are plentiful. Nowadays, most beasts live their entire lives without ever using their nanoblast ability. The ability has degenerated in many beasts especially when compared to its prominence long ago during the days when the beasts were forced to work as slaves.

The nanoblasted form was originally the desired beast form, but because it consumed so much energy, the ability to control that consumption to the best of one's ability became vital. Multiple different types of this ability have been recorded, and each is ingrained in the beast's DNA. The use of blast badges allows a beast to use the different abilities as necessary.


Obtaining nanoblasts

Beasts require a blast badge in order to transform. This is a kind of tattoo beasts have on their arm, and different blast badges will result in different forms with different abilities. A beast of at least LV20 can purchase or change a blast badge for 10,000 Meseta at Lumilass, a makeover shop located on the third floor of Clyez City.

Blast badges

Blast badge Description Body color Duration
Vande Val Invincible blast badge. Takes a large toll physically and it doesn't last long, but it nullifies enemy attacks. Blue 35 seconds
Adaka Val Blast badge of power. Brings forth the beast's destructive instincts to lay waste with amazing attack power. Red 50 seconds
Boggo Val Blast badge of defense. Amazing defensive power allows the beast to attack with little regard for safety. Purple 50 seconds
Zeed Val Blast badge of speed. Enhances reflexes to raise accuracy and evasion to extreme levels. Yellow 50 seconds


When a beast has a blast badge, the blast gauge below their name and level will fill up as you take and deal damage. The gauge will shine when full, letting you know that is is now possible to nanoblast. While standing still, your character can activate the nanoblast, however it cannot be activated while frozen, stunned or sleeping. Nanoblasts start and end with a two second transformation sequence in which your character will be invulnerable to enemy attacks. During a nanoblast, the depleting blast gauge shows how much time is left before your character will revert to their normal self. Nanoblasts cannot be deactivated, though if your character is incapacitated while nanoblasting, they will revert to their normal form.

PS2 controls: Pressing the Triangle and Square buttons together will activate the nanoblast. Alternatively you can press L1+L2+R1+R2 to activate the nanoblast. (Tested in PSU, not yet tested in Ambition of The Illuminus)

PC controls: Pressing the Down and Right arrow keys together will activate the nanoblast.

360 controls: Pressing the X and Y buttons together will activate the nanoblast.


  • Transformed beasts cannot use the action palette, items, weapons or goggles.
  • Transformed beasts have the attacks Dadanga-Nabara and Gozuba-Nabra.
  • Transformed beast stats are based on blast badge, character level, gender, type, line shield stats, units and status effects.
    • Extra units with auto recovery will continue to work.
  • Transformed beast stats are not affected by weapon stats or line shield element. Attacks and defense are neutral element.
  • Transformed beasts are immune to Jellen, Zalure, Zoldeel, burn, freeze, shock, silence, confuse, infection, stun, poison and sleep.
  • Transformed beasts are immune to the effect damage from Megistar and Megistarides.
  • Transformed beasts are not immune to the holding effect of enemy traps.
  • Transformed beasts are not immune to Shifta, Deband, Zodial, Retier, and auto recovery.
    • Vande Val is immune to having these positive effects overwritten or reapplied.
  • Adaka Val, Boggo Val, and Zeed Val are not immune to the incapacitate status effect.
  • Vande Val is immune to damage, recovery, and incapacitation.
  • Zeed Val does not alter attack speed. Boggo Val does not alter MST.



Linked to the triangle button, right arrow key or Y button.

Targets Effect
Part 1 3x2 Launch (1)
Blow away (2)


Linked to square button, down arrow key or X button.

Targets Effect
Part 1 2x2 -
Part 2 2x2 Wipeout
Part 3 2x1 Wipeout

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