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Ambition of the Illuminus Japanese Updates

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This page will list the various updates to the Japanese version of Ambition of the Illuminus to give players on other servers the opportunity to see roughly what content will be coming down the line. It should be noted that the order of updates is subject to change on the US servers and that the timing of these updates should be taken as, at most, a rough indication of when the US servers can expect to see these after the US release of Ambition of the Illuminus.


Preliminary Updates

These were updates made to the base version of PSU in order to ensure compatibility with Ambition of the Illuminus before its release. These updates often added many features, such as Just Attack and a new, updated player shop system, to the regular version of PSU. As such they will be listed here as Ambition of the Illuminus compatibility updates.

These changes affect the regular version of PSU unless stated.

Update P1

Date: 6th September 2007

This update contained various additions that have nothing to do with Ambition of the Illuminus, they will not be listed.

System changes

  • The experience of all monsters, included bosses, was boosted (bigger boost around monster level 40).
  • Large enemies had their STA reduced, allowing some level 2 Status effects to work on them.
  • The rate of status effects hitting was changed.

Update P2

Date: 18th September 2007

System changes

  • Lobby warping was made available for a fee, by talking to the CAST NPC attendant. You must have visited the lobby after the update to be able to warp to it.
  • Battle types were adjusted, adding new weapons and increasing Photon Art limits. At this point however, all Photon Arts had an overall cap of 30.

My Room changes

  • Synthesis rates were increased. Room decorations have a 100% success rate now. Items requiring special materials (e.g. monster part weapons such as Bil De Axe and Gaozoran Rod) received the biggest boost.
  • The items received when a synthesis attempt fails were changed. Now you may receive materials back from the synth (including some that weren't used in the synth) and they may be upgraded to the next grade or rank. For example, failing a Crea replica may now return Silvenia, the next high-quality material up from Copernia.
  • The grinding system was changed to the new system. Weapons now have two grind numbers, represented by x/y, where x is the current grind and y is the current grind limit. Failing a grind now reduces the weapon to an ungrinded state, but reduces the grind limit by one permanently. For example, failing a grind at 5/10 will reset your weapon to 0/9.

Battle system changes

  • Just Attack was introduced, allowing players to time melee attacks in order to score critical hits on enemies.
  • Just Counter was introduced, allowing players to cancel out of the blocking animation and quickly attack. Melee attacks done in this fashion will always score a critical hit.
  • Regular melee attacks were changed to recover PP, critical hits recover much more.
  • The elemental damage formula was adjusted. 50% weapons will perform roughly the same.
  • Character stats were adjusted. All characters received major boosts in ATP, DFP, TP and MST. Some types received other specific boosts.
  • Nanoblasts and SUVs no longer remove buffs, which will effect the damage done. However, nanoblasted beasts not using the invincibility Blast Badge are susceptible to status effects.
  • Completed weapons and Line Shields now drop with random %s. This includes weapons with previously fixed %s such as Ank Bico. Items can still drop with no element.
  • Meseta drops were changed to scale up with the size of the party. Distribution was changed to split Meseta equally under the random and set in order systems.
  • Several Photon Arts were rebalanced, many of them were improved.
  • Random was made the default item distribution system.

Item changes

  • Weapons now sell for much more at the NPC, up to 75% more.
  • Many traps were made cheaper to buy.

Update P3

Date: 26th September 2007

System changes

My Room changes

  • A new conditional search shop search feature was added. This flexible system allows players to search by certain criteria, such as price and rarity. It also allows them to enter the exact name of the item they are searching for, or to use keywords to further narrow the search. For example, setting the category to swords and entering 'GRM Fire' into the search box will search for GRM made, fire-element swords. Items are listed with their stats and details for easy perusal, although you must still go to the seller's shop upon selecting the item to actually buy it.
  • Synthesis times have been drastically reduced. A 9★ Line Shield now takes 3 hours to synth.
  • [B] Grinder S was available, allowing players to finally grind their S-grade weapons. Grinder Base S is still not sold, however.


  • Character level cap was increased from 100 to 110.
  • Character type level cap was increased from 10 to 15. This includes basic types, however they will receive no stat boosts above type level 10. A known bug means that players of the regular version may not see their type level up above 10 on the mission rewards screen. However, their types will level up normally.
  • Photon Art caps will now be raised to 40, instead of 30.
  • Players of Ambition of the Illuminus have yellow names.


These are updates that started with the launch of Ambition of the Illuminus on the 27th of September. All following updates, including the launch update, will be listed here. Unless otherwise stated, it can be assumed that these updates are only accessible to players of Ambition of the Illuminus.

Update 1

Date: 27th September 2007

This update is in fact the launch update of Ambition of the Illuminus.

Ambition of the Illuminus connection present

All players who sign into Ambition of the Illuminus after registering their game key by Wednesday 31st October will receive a free Shadoog, Sonichi, in their common box.

New fields

The following new mission fields have been added:

  • AMF HQ Underground
  • Military Metro Linear
  • Old Rozenom City
  • Granigs Mine
  • Saguraki C.D.

New missions

The following new missions have been added:

Mission name Start counter End counter Ranks Required level / Enemy level
AMF HQ Recovery Holtes City AMF Headquarters  ? C-S - / 10 10 / 20 40 / 50 70 / 90
Infected AMF Casts are running amok in the AMF HQ underground. Vaccination is impossible, the only option left is to purify them...
Metro Linear Breakthrough AMF Metro Linear Room, central district  ? C-S - / ?  ? / ?  ? / ?  ? / ?
Casts infected with the SEED-Virus are trying to go somewhere through the AMF's Metro Linear. Break through and get to their destination!
Planet's Scar Holtes City Flyer Base Old Rozenom City Paracabana Beach District C-S - / 5 10 / 20 25 / 50 60 / 100
Rozenom City suffered major damage due to the crashing of the GUARDIANS Colony and is now in ruins.
The native creatures have turned brutal and are now entering the defenseless city, threatening the lives of the refugees.
City of Thunderbeasts Old Rozenom City: Paracanabana Beach District Paracabana Beach C-S - / ?  ? / ?  ? / ?  ? / ?
Due to the Colony's fall a sample of the SEED-Virus has leaked from the GRM Seed-Virus research institution in Rozenom,
and has infected local creatures. Purify the creatures, including the now-ferocious Gainozeros!
Cherry Blossom Magic Mizuraki CD: Kugo Hot Springs  ? C-S - / ?  ? / ?  ? / ?  ? / ?
Monsters in the Saguraki forests, a protected area like Mizuraki, are damaging the trees. Suppress the leader Komazli and protect Saguraki C.D.!
Cave of Ice Northern Continent: Vio Tonga  ? C-S - / ?  ? / ?  ? / ?  ? / ?
Surviving creatures infected by a previous SEED attack have been discovered at the old Granigs coal mine on the northern continent. Purify them!
Serpent's Awakening Northern Continent: Granigs Mine Casino Voloyal C-S - / ?  ? / ?  ? / ?  ? / ?
De Rol Le, a huge native creature from ancient times was sealed in ice deep in the Granigs mine, but has been awoken by the SEED-Virus being spread by the Illuminus. Purify the Di Rolei!

New lobbies

New lobbies have been added, the most notable of which is the Casino Voloyal, where players can gamble using special coins which can be exchanged for rare prizes! Each account is entitled to 100 free coins per day, which cannot be traded.

Item changes

  • The following weapon categories are now available: Whips, Shadoog, Madoog, Slicers.
  • Many new weapons have been added across all categories. NPC shops will sell up to 7* weapons and 8* weapon boards.
  • New units up to B-rank have been added.
  • Several new clothes and parts have been added. No PSO costumes, yet.
  • Two new Photon Arts have been added: Chikki Kyoren-jin for Slicers, and Vishi Grudda for Photon Whips.
  • Two new SUVs have been added: Gigas Espada and Gigas Faust.

New types

  • The two new AoI types, Acrotecher and Acrofighter, have been added.

Update 2

Date: 11th October 2007

Story mission

  • The following story mission is being added:
Mission name Start counter
Despair and Hope GUARDIANS Colony 5F
Despite the collapse of the GUARDIANS as an organization, surviving GUARDIANS are looking for any work they can get. One day, Maya asks you to meet her...

New fields

  • The following new fields are being added: Pavilion of Air Lower Levels, Pavilion of Air Upper Levels.

New missions

  • The following new missions are being added:
Mission name Type Start counter End counter Ranks Required level / Enemy level
Flowing Water Temple Free COG Pavilion of Air Pavilion of Air Upper Levels C-S - / ?  ? / ?  ? / ?  ? / ?
A terrorist attack in the COG HQ by Illuminus agents disguised as Armed Servants has
resulted in the COG's new weapon - the Shinowa Hidoki - running wild. Stop the Shinowa Hidoki!
Sacred White Beast Co-op Pavilion of Air Upper Levels Mt. Ohtoku C-S - / ?  ? / ?  ? / ?  ? / ?
Native creatures held for study in a COG research lab in the Pavilion of Air Upper Levels have escaped following an accident.
The COG requests your help in stopping the creatures, including the Alterazgohg!
2 players are recommended for this mission.

New lobbies

  • The following new lobbies are being added: Pavilion of Air Upper Levels, Mt. Ohtoku. The latter includes the shrine maiden who can affect your Photon Fortune.

Item changes

  • Many new weapons are being added.
  • New clothes and parts are being added. CASTs get two CV (color variation) versions of existing parts, while other races get the Fuji Fuji set.
  • Many new room goods are being added at the NPC shops.
  • Many new Casino prizes are being added, including more room goods and jukebox discs.

System changes

  • The Photon Fortune table for all races is being adjusted.
  • As Lumia Waber is being added as a partner character, players of regular PSU who join parties where she is present will see a generic blue model instead.
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