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Autumn Event

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This article pertains to an event which is no longer active, but is kept for historical purposes.

The Autumn Event[1] was a special event which ran from September 25, 2009, through October 8, 2009. This event was based closely off of the Winter Event. However, Ambition of the Illuminus players were able to select a new S2 difficulty with enemies that were LV150 and above. Information about the event also appeared in a separate prologue mission as opposed to in a cutscene before each mission began.

Event missions

Unlike similar past events, these missions were not released on a schedule one at a time, but instead were available for the entirety of the event.

Reference notes

  1. These missions were released directly following Japan's 2nd Anniversary Thanks Festa (the event that the Summer Event is based upon). Despite running while that event's lobbies were still active, they are not technically a part of it. The release of these missions coincided with the Japanese launch of a downloadable version of the original Phantasy Star Universe PC client.
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