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Non-player characters

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Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Non-player characters, often abbreviated as NPCs, are characters not created or controlled by a player.


Story characters

Story characters can be found in story missions, and various media. Story characters provide the main story.

Story characters include: Ethan Waber, Laia Martinez, Renvolt Magashi, Karen Erra, Mirei Mikuna, Izuma Rutsu, Kou Taragi, Vol Brothers, Alfort Tylor, Lumia Waber, and more...

Partner characters

Partner characters can be found in story missions, party missions and event missions. Partner characters provide themselves as party members.

Partner characters include: organization members, mission clients, event guests,

Partner machines

Partner machines can be found in a player's room.

Partner machines provide several functions, including:

Partner machines include: Pete, various partner machine models,


Most receptionists can be found in lobbies, standing behind counters. Receptionists provide goods and services.

Receptionists include: organization receptionists, various shop cashiers,

Mission clients

Mission clients can be found in mission briefings. Clients provide missions.

Mission clients include: Dr. Dorson, Bruce Boyde, Bunami Seagol, Holupe Dence, Yokus Melton, Rol Medoc, Montague, Ult Camuel, Mikua Tesran, Clamp Manyel, Charly Arl


Enemies can be found in missions. Enemies provide drops and experience.

Enemies include: creatures, people, SEED-forms, machines, bosses,

Residents of Gurhal

The residents of Gurhal can be found in main lobbies (mostly offline). Residents provide additional story information.

Residents of Gurhal include: Gapard Raz, Gawik Vopa, Mikaris Geid, Mischec Pord, Kitov Milzu, Pipi Vol,

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