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Partner Machines or PMs for short are robots created by and for the GUARDIANs for items storage, information reference, and aid in combat. In the Phantasy Star Portable version, PMs are no longer created via feeding but rather selected at the beginning of character creation. They can also be bought, though the player is only allowed one PM at a time. Inputting a new PM will replace the old one (while retaining the name). They also no longer synthesize items since the feature was removed. The primary function of a PM outside of item storage is combat assistance.


Upon completing Chapter 1 of Story Mode, PMs will grant their owner their own Partner Card, allowing them to be added to the party as Partner Characters.

PMs have combat behavior and equipment based on each model. As with all partner characters, only a party leader can call their partner machines into a party. Similarly, the PM is capable of taking damage, being incapacitated and self-reviving. They affect combat in the same way ordinary partner characters do. PMs have SUV's available to them as well.


Model Combat behavior Description Weapons and photon arts Extra unit Rarity Price
GH 410 Near owner.
Sticks to owner.
Always stays near owner, good with 2-handed swords. Hanzo (7★ G.R.M. Sword) Spinning Break,
Sharp Twins (8★ G.R.M. Twin Saber) Assault Crush,
Wandra (1★ Yohmei Wand) Resta
8★ 10000
GH 420 Independent.
Wanders around the battle and attacks enemies with claws. Ga-Misaki (8★ Yohmei Claw) Senten Kanzan-ga,
Shintsuki-zashi (7★ Yohmei Twin Dagger) Hishou Jinren-zan,
Batnara (3★ Yohmei Wand) Resta
8★ 10000
GH 430 With group.
Stays with group.
Team player who enjoys working with her owner. Burst (G.R.M. Rifle) Frozen Shot,
Beamgun (7★ G.R.M. Handgun) Frozen Hit,
Septara (4★ Yohmei Wand) Resta
8★ 10000
GH 440 Calculating.
Front lines.
Uses a shotgun to attack enemies with wild abandon. Shigga Boma (7★ TENORA Shotgun) Barada Inga,
Evil Twins (8★ G.R.M. Twin Handgun) Twin Plasma,
Canara (5★ Yohmei Wand) Resta
8★ 10000
GH 450 Support.
Cover fire.
Heals owner and attacks enemies.
TECHNICs: Atk/Heal
Hajirod (5★ Yohmei Rod) Foie, Rafoie, Jellen, Resta,
Granarod (7★ Yohmei Rod) Foie, Rafoie, Gifoie, Resta,
Crozara (6★ Yohmei Wand) Resta
8★ 10000
GH 470 Support.
An eager, young G.R.M. helper. Kohibumiteri (10★ Kubara Bow) Masei-sou,
Helixen (2★ G.R.M. Rod) Razonde, Rafoie, Resta,
Caduceus (10★ Kubara Rod) Foie, Diga, Barta, Megid,
Magical Wand (9★ Kubara Wand) Resta, Giresta,
Rapia Fluge 8★ 10000
GH 480 Near owner.
Sticks to owner.
The ideal butler --
loyal and proper,
even in battle.
Bouquet (5★ Kubara Saber) Spinning Strike,
Gekitsnata (10★ Yohmei Spear) Dus Majarra,
Crozara (6★ Yohmei Wand) Resta, Giresta,
Paradi Cataract 10★ 50000
GH 490 Aggressive. A canine-type machine. Always follows its master. Ank Bico/C (9★ Kubara Axe) Anga Redda,
Two-headed Ragnus (10★ G.R.M. Twin Saber) Splendor Crush,
Pumpkinhead (3★ Kubara Rod) Resta,
Ascension Gift 12★ 100000
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