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Chronicles HQ (permanent mission)

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Chronicles HQ
Start lobby Clyez City: 5th Floor
Start counter GUARDIANS HQ
End lobby Clyez City: 5th Floor
Version Ambition of the Illuminus
Mission type Item exchange mission

Thank you for taking part in GUARDIANS Chronicles. We are continuing to hand out rewards to those who contributed.
Clamp Manyel


Mission details

  • This article pertains to the version of Chronicles HQ which was released after GUARDIANS Chronicle ended. For details on the event version of this mission, please see Chronicles HQ (event mission).
  • During GUARDIANS Chronicle, you were able to acquire points based on the number of monsters you and your party defeated in the event missions. Additional points cannot be earned now the event has come to a close.
  • For every 2,000 points earned (up to 10,000), and for every 10,000 points earned thereafter, you will receive one of the following RCSMs. It will come with a random attribute at a fixed rate of 33% (unless neutral is received). Reward items vary between the Japanese PC/PS2 and Xbox 360 versions of the event. Make sure you are referencing the correct section for your platform.

Xbox 360 version

Japanese PC/PS2

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