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Clamp Manyel

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Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.



Clamp Manyel


Name Clamp Manyel Affiliation GUARDIANS
Gender Male Race Human
Age  ?? Height  ?cm
JP Voice  ?
EN Voice None


Clamp Manyel is Laia's primary assistant in her role as the new GUARDIANS president. He is very timid and very formal, and has a hard time getting used to Laia's direct style of running the organization. This difference often leads him wondering if he's actually cut out to be the assistant to the president. Thankfully, Laia alleviates his fears, and even tells Clamp that she has great expectations of him. Refilled with confidence, Clamp now gives 110% towards his role as Laia's assistant.

Episode 1

Clamp has no known involvement in the events of Episode 1.

Episode 2

Clamp has no known involvement in the events of Episode 2.

Episode 3

Clamp is assigned as the president's assistant to Laia Martinez. At first, he's unable to deal with Laia's tough approach to running the organization, often feeling like he's not fit to be the president's assistant. However, after working with Laia for sometime, Clamp learns Laia's style, and Laia is a bit more clear and direct with what she expects of him, alleviating his fears.

Random facts

  • Clamp's name is not revealed until Chapter 3 of Episode 3, despite his earlier appearances
  • Relations: None known at this time

Partner character

Partner card

Clamp Maniel
Race Human Gender Male
Type Hunter (1) Level -3
Card comment
Card requirements


  • This partner character was used by the party chat system.
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