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Claws (offline)

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Newman Female using a claw.

Claws are a class of melee weapons that come in two types - the 'single Claw' that can be wielded with an offhand weapon like a Handgun or Twin Claws which are two handed.

Known Claws (Offline Modes)

For Network Mode statistics, see Claws.

JP Name EN Name Manufacturer Grade Buy Price Sell Price PP ATP / TAP ATA Req. Rarity Comments
ミサキ Misaki Yohmei B 9000 6300 162 266 96 150 4★ --
ガミサキ Ga-Misaki Yohmei B 27000 18900 210 462 96 202 5★ Dark element: 22% (when bought from shop)
ギザミサキ Giza-Misaki Yohmei S 500000 79496 229 596 136 250 10★ --
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