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Common box

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General Information

  • The common box is a storage device that can hold up to 100 items at the same time.
  • It can be accessed quickly through venders throughout the game. Just go to a vender and select the option "common box" in order to access it.


  • You can use your common box to safely exchange items between characters, or just use it as an extend of your inventory.
  • You can even trade non-tradable items between accounts with the common box.

The common box has 4 options:

Store You can store almost any item from your inventory into the common box with this option.
Take Out This option allows you to take out your stored items again.
Locked Items Locked items can be unlocked and regular items can be locked with this option
without the need to take out the item, close the common box, and lock it through your inventory.
Exit Used to exit the common box menu


  • Your common box can hold up to 100 Items at the same time no matter what account you use to store them.
  • Your common box can only hold up to the maximum amount of item in a stack, for example 99 PA fragments or 20 Trimates etc.
  • Your common box can hold more then one stack of the same item (unless the 100 item cap. is reached)
  • Some items cannot be stored in your common box. This are generally Character specific items such as: Goggles, Photon Reflector and the Photon Eraser
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