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Crea weapons

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Crea weapons (known in Japan as クレア - Claire weapons, possibly a reference to an NPC from Phantasy Star Online) are a series of mostly melee weapons based on outdated Photon designs.

They can be split into various categories, detailed below:

Crea replicas

Crea replicas are weapons based on designs from the earliest days of Photon technology. These replicas are 7★ and are made by one of the three major weapons manufacturers. There are replicas of Sabers, Twin sabers, Daggers, Twin daggers, and Swords.

Crea replicas are generally less powerful than their normal counterparts, and do not grind well either. In particular they gain no PP when ground. However, they have the advantage of being able to hit one more target than a weapon of the same type would usually be able to. This only applies to normal attacks, however, Photon arts are unchanged.

Only Humans and Newmans can equip Crea replicas, the reason for this is unknown, it may be because they are the two races least suited to handling melee weapons, or to counterbalance the lack of SUV Weapons or Nanoblasts. Some Crea replicas appear similar to weapons from Phantasy Star Online, which would also fit with the descriptions of them being based on early designs.

Crea replicas all drop as boards - the Crea board that can drop depends on the area. Crea boards only drop in missions where the enemy level is 30 or higher.

The following Crea replicas are known to exist in the game:

Swords Twin sabers Twin daggers Sabers Daggers
Creasword Twin Crea Saber Twin Crea Dagger Crea Saber Crea Dagger
Cresaud Ryo-Creasabra Ryo-Crezashi Creasabra Crea-zashi
Soda Crea Alseva Cresa Aldaga Cresa Seva Cresa Daga Cresa
  • Note that the boards for Creasabra and Ryo-Creasabra are incorrectly named [B] Crenata and [B] Ryo-Crenata respectively.

Crea+ weapons

These weapons have been introduced in Ambition of the Illuminus. They are similar in appearance to the 7★ Crea weapons.

All Crea+ weapons have a + after their name and are 11★. They drop as made weapons from enemies of level 150-174 and as boards from enemies of level 175-199 in Ambition of the Illuminus missions. Unlike their 7★ counterparts, Crea+ weapons gain PP while grinding. As with the other Crea replicas, they can only be equipped by Humans and Newmans.

The following Crea+ weapons are known to exist in the game:

Swords Twin sabers Twin daggers Sabers Daggers
Creasword+ Twin Crea Saber+ Twin Crea Dagger+ Crea Saber+ Crea Dagger+
Cresaud+ Ryo-Creasabra+ Ryo-Crezashi+ Creasabra+ Crea-zashi+
Soda Crea+ Alseva Cresa+ Aldaga Cresa+ (Seva Cresa+) Daga Cresa+

Kubara Creas

Four weapons have been released which have Crea in their names, but are Kubara weapons. These weapons are:

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