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Cut phys. dam.

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Cut Physycal Damage is an effect only caused by Dizas. When cast, the caster and surrounding allies (depending on the range, affected by the level) will become surrounded by a certain amount of blocks. These blocks can reduce the damage of physical attacks. With each hit of a physical attack, 1 block is removed untill all blocks are gone.

  • LV 1-10 is one Block
  • LV 11-20 are two blocks
  • LV 21-30 are three blocks
  • LV 31-40 are four blocks
  • LV 41-50 are five blocks

Status levels

The amount of damage reduced is based on the caster's level.

LV Effect LV  % of damage reduced Ele. PP
LV 1+ Cut phys. dam. LV2  ?% damage reduced Ground 76/64(51)
LV 11+ Cut phys. dam. LV3  ?% damage reduced Ground 96/80(64)
LV 21+ Cut phys. dam. LV4  ?% damage reduced Ground 96(76)
LV 31+ Cut phys. dam. LV5  ?% damage reduced Ground 112(89)
LV 41+ Cut phys. dam. LV6  ?% damage reduced Ground 96
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