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Dark Crystal Seeker (event mission)

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Shred the Darkness This article pertains to a mission which was available only during the limited-time event Shred the Darkness.

Dark Crystal Seeker
Clyez City
Start lobby Clyez City: 5th Floor
Start counter GUARDIANS HQ
End lobby Clyez City: 5th Floor
Version Ambition of the Illuminus
Mission type Event mission

Please collect [Megispheres] from the mission area. We've prepared a variety of support items to make it worth your while!
Clamp Manyel

Mission details

Exchange items

The following items can be obtained by exchanging the specified number of Megispheres.

Exchange items Exchange rate
Soda Promoto Megisphere x30
Ank Promoto Megisphere x30
Gudda Promoto Megisphere x30
Zaks Promoto Megisphere x20
Arza Promoto Megisphere x30
Vish Promoto Megisphere x20
Mukpromoto Megisphere x30
Promoto Grenade Megisphere x30
Promoto Cannon Megisphere x30
Promoto Gun Megisphere x20
Twin Promoto Gun Megisphere x30
Promoto Machinegun Megisphere x20
Promoto Rifle Megisphere x30
Exchange items Exchange rate
Promoto Duke Megisphere x20
Promora Megisphere x20
Promorod Megisphere x30
Promoto Pit Megisphere x20
PA Fragment x3 Megisphere x2
PSU Disc 18 Megisphere x5
PSU Disc 23 Megisphere x5
PSU Disc 53 Megisphere x5
PSU Disc 58 Megisphere x5
Mysterious Grave Megisphere x10
Factory Red Megisphere x15
Factory Blue Megisphere x15
Dark Wing Megisphere x99

Conversion rates

Only Megispheres can be used to exchange for items in this mission. However, any Megi-photons or Megi-drops you have collected can be compressed into Megispheres. You can also decompress Megi-drops into Megi-photons. The following list illustrates the conversion rates.

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