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Demons Above/R

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Demons Above/R
Mizuraki C.D.
Start lobby Clyez City: 3rd Floor
Start counter Resident Security Dept.
End lobby Clyez City: 3rd Floor
Version Ambition of the Illuminus
Field VR Mizuraki C.D.
Mission type G. advanced mission
Party size 1-4 players
Enemy elements Fire Ice

This simulation takes place on Neudaiz. Your mission is to wipe out the Onmagoug's nest.

Mission requirements and rewards

Rank S Rank A Rank B Rank C
Advanced mission points
First 20 30+ 18 14 11 5
Second 14 12 9 4
Third 9  ?  ?  ?
Mission restrictions
All players capped at LV20 Cannot use rifles
Cannot equip arm units Cannot use EX traps

Mission details

  • The secret action of this mission is cleared by completing the mission with a party of two or more where all members are one of the following types: Ranger, Fortegunner or Gunmaster.
  • For example, a party of two Rangers would be eligible for the secret action, however a party of one Ranger and one Gunmaster would not.
  • By clearing the secret action, four additional boxes will appear following the boss battle.

Enemy information

Enemy name Enemy buffs Ele. LV AEXP
Ageeta Fire 30 --
Ageeta Ice 30 --
Ageeta Crown.gif Ice 30 --
Gohmon Fire 30 --
Gohmon Sword.gif Fire 30 --
Gohmon Shield.gif Staff.gif Boot.gif Fire 30 --
Gohmon Sword.gif Shield.gif Staff.gif Boot.gif Fire 30 --
Gohmon Ice 30 --
Gohmon Sword.gif Ice 30 --
Gohmon Shield.gif Staff.gif Boot.gif Ice 30 --
Gohmon Sword.gif Shield.gif Staff.gif Boot.gif Ice 30 --
Goshin Ice 30 --
Ollaka Fire 30 320
Ollaka Crown.gif Fire 30 --
Onmagoug Fire 35 7400

Item drops

Enemy name Special drops Drop items
Ageeta -- [B] Ageha-senba
Gohmon -- Septara
Goshin -- [B] Sakano-zashi
Ollaka Ollaka Meat Saiyuhoh
Onmagoug Spicia Beefedge Raria
Beefedge Media
Beefedge Wellda
Beefkebob Raria
Normal box Nagaraki Syrup
Rice Cake
Chef's Oil
Gourmet Cake
Area drops Photon Drop Xbox 360 version
Agni Flamestone Japanese version
2-9★ ores
[B] Ryo-Dagac
[B] Dagan-zashic
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