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Version Phantasy Star Universe
Enemy type SEED-Form
Enemy size Large
Classification Normal enemy
Elements Dark

Dilnazen are insect-like bipedal forms with grey armor, luminous blue highlights, and praying mantis claws. It shares animation characteristics with Jarba, Bil De Vear and Kagajibari. It cannot be knocked prone, instead it flinches. Dilnazen can use a long-range jump that damages anyone near the landing site, fling a mass of dark matter, or punch. Its attacks generally knock players over. Dilnazen take half damage from ranged attacks making it hard for ranged types to kill.


  • --


Stat modifiers Boosts
HP 400% ATP 180% ATA 100% Crown.gif --
TP 150% DFP 140% EVP 150% Sword.gif 130% ATA, 200% TP, 120% STA
MST 150% STA 130% EXP 400% Shield.gif 120% DFP, 130% EVP, 150% MST
Status effect susceptibility
Burn Freeze Shock Silence Confusion Infection Poison Stun Sleep Incapacitation ATP down DFP down ATA down
- - - -
Half damage

Item drops

LV Phantasy Star Universe Ambition of the Illuminus
Drop items Missions Drop items Missions
1-9 Ryo-Dagan HIVE Clean-up 2 C Ryo-Dagan --
10-19 Ryo-Nafli Dark Satellite C, SEED Awakened C, Protect the Festa 1 C Ryo-Nafli Distant Memory C, True Darkness C
20-29 Ryo-Stizashi Dark Satellite B, HIVE Clean-up 2 B, Protect the Festa 1 B,
Price of Genocide 2 C
Ryo-Stizashi The Magashi Plan C
30-39 Ryo-Sagazashi SEED Awakened B, HIVE Clean-up 2 A Ryo-Sagazashi Road to Rykros 1 C, Unsafe Passage/R, True Darkness B
40-49 Assino-zashi Dark Satellite A, SEED Awakened A, Protect the Festa 1 A,
Price of Genocide 2 B
Assino-zashi Distant Memory B, True Darkness A
50-59 Tsisava-zashi Price of Genocide 2 A Tsisava-zashi Road to Rykros 1 B
60-69 Shintsuki-zashi -- Shintsuki-zashi Road to Rykros 1 A
70-79 Nokoku-zashi -- Nokoku-zashi Distant Memory A
80-99 Katsuno-zashi Dark Satellite S, SEED Awakened S Katsuno-zashi The Magashi Plan B, True Darkness S
100-124 [B] Gizaha-zashi Dark Satellite S2, SEED Awakened S2 [B] Gizaha-zashi The Eternal Cycle Japanese version, Distant Memory S
125-149 -- -- [B] Gizaha-zashi Distant Memory S2, True Darkness S2
150-174 -- -- Ryo-Creasabra+ Dark Satellite S3, SEED Awakened S3, The Magashi Plan A,
True Darkness S3
175-189 -- -- [B] Ryo-Creasabra+ Distant Memory S3
190-199 -- -- Kusanagi --
200 -- --  ? --
-- All missions listed above. Dilnazen Arm Japanese version All missions listed above.

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