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Free course

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This article pertains to an item, mission or other feature which is exclusive to the Japanese PC version of Phantasy Star Universe.

Free course (フリーコース) is a service which allows you to play Ambition of the Illuminus online for free simply by registering a PSU ID. If you had previously paid for a GUARDIANS License and either canceled it or allowed it to lapse, you will be logged in as a free course player. There are certain restrictions to free course, however, which can be lifted by registering for premium course.


Free course features

Free play

  • You can play online for free by registering a PSU ID and downloading and installing the free client software.
  • There is no need to purchase an Illuminus game key or GUARDIANS License.

Earning EXP and MP

  • You can still earn EXP, photon art EXP, AEXP and mission points by playing missions.
  • You can raise your characters to the current level cap, LV180.

Playtime limits

  • There is no limit to the amount of time you log in and play.

Mission acceptance

Universe selection

  • You may freely move between each of the following universes:
    • 01: Event/GBR
    • 02: Beginner
    • 03: G. Colony/GAM
    • 04: Parum
    • 05: Neudaiz
    • 06: Moatoob
  • Please note that you cannot enter your room.

Common box

  • Though you cannot enter your room, you can still access your common box from NPC vendors.
  • Common box storage gives you 100 item storage places per entrance.

Casino Voloyal

  • You can access Moatoob's Casino Voloyal and collect a daily allowance of VC bronze.gif 50 Vol Coins.
  • You can play the roulette wheel and slot machines, and trade in your Vol Coins for items at the exchange counter.

Daily Stamps

  • You can collect 1 DS per day at the Resident Security Department (Clyez City 3F).


Inter-player trading

  • While you can pick up items dropped in missions by monsters and boxes, you cannot pick up items dropped by other players.
  • Furthermore, the "trade items" function in the options menu cannot be used.
  • While items dropped by other players cannot be picked up, items dropped by GMs, such as rewards for participating in GM events, can be picked up.

Free course restrictions

Mission acceptance

GUARDIANS advanced style

  • While you cannot access the GAS mission to purchase new customizations, any customizations you may have purchased as a premium course player carry over to free course.

Universe selection

  • You cannot enter the following universes:
    • 07: Premium only
    • 08: Premium only

Your room

  • Access to your room is cut off as a free course player, effectively revoking access to the following features:
    • Partner machine
      • Additional item storage (300 spaces, which can be upgraded to 500 spaces)
      • Partner machine raising
      • Item synthesis
      • Room decoration and remodeling
    • Vision phone

Daily allowances

  • Vol Coin and Daily Stamp allowances are limited to free course players.
    • The daily allowance of Vol Coins is set to VC bronze.gif 50 per day (as opposed to VC silver.gif 01 VC bronze.gif 50 per day for premium course players).
    • The Daily Stamp allowance is set to 1 DS per day (as opposed to 5 DS per day for premium course players).

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