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GH 411

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Partner machine

GH 411


PM model GH 411
Fiercely loyal, she
never leaves her
owner's side.
Combat behavior Sticks to owner.
Syn. trend Striking


Previous model Requires
Any GH 41x PM Device GH411
Any PM
Production level 80+
EX Device GH411
B St. 10+


Partner character

Partner Card

Gender Female Race CAST
Type Hunter (1) Level +10
Card requirements
Production level 80+
Card comment
Please use this
card when I can be
of service.


Weapon Name Linked Effect Used during
Ice G.R.M. Calibur Tornado Break Level 21 to 30 Skill Levels 1+
Twin sabers
Neutral G.R.M. Death Dancer Splendor Crush Level 11 to 20 Skill Levels 25+
Light Yohmei Starra
Resta Level 11 to 20 TECHNIC Levels 1+
Equipment Name Slot Effect Used during
Line shields
Neutral G.R.M.  ?line Line shield - Levels 1+
Extra units
- G.R.M. Tero / HP Restore Extra Unit Auto recovery LV2 Levels 1+



Voice Female CAST Voice ?
Ho ho!
O-ho ho!
Ho ho ho!
A-ha! I got you!
Oh! Here we go!
Oh! I'll cover you!
Oh! I got this one!
Oh! We will succeed!
Everyone, spread out!
O-ho! This one's dust!
Oh! They look so weak!
Oh! Approach from behind!
Uh-oh! There are so many of them!
Uh-oh! Don't let their appearance fool you!
Lost Oh! [Player]!
Where have you gone to!?
Found Oh! [Player]!
I have found you!
Boost Stats Oh! Status upgraded!
Lower Stats Uh-oh! Status downgraded!
Burn Uh-oh! Overheated!
Freeze Uh-oh! Systems are crashi...
Shock Uh-oh! Short-circuit detected!
Confuse Uh-oh! Unrecognizable input.
Poison Uh-oh! I have been contaminated!
Silence ... ... ... ...
Paralysis Ga... Ga... Ga...
Low HP Uh-oh! Please protect me!
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