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GH 433

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Partner machine

GH 433


PM model GH 433
Helps the team by
mowing foes down
with her machinegun.
Combat behavior Stays with group.
Syn. trend Firearms


Previous model Requires
Any GH 43x PM Device GH433
Any PM
Production level 80+
EX Device GH433
B St. 20+


Partner character

Partner Card

Gender Female Race CAST
Type Fortegunner (1) Level +10
Card requirements
Production Level 80+
Card comment
Please use this
card when I can be
of service.


Weapon Name Linked Effect Used during
Twin handguns
Neutral TENORA WORKS Arb Rega Twin Mayalee Level 21 to 30 Bullet Levels ?
Twin handguns
Ice G.R.M. Battlestopper Twin Freeze Level 21 to 30 Bullet Levels ?
Laser cannons
Ice G.R.M. Meteor Cannon Frozen Prism Level 21 to 30 Bullet Levels 25+
Neutral Yohmei Slyrod
Resta Level 11 to 20 TECHNIC Levels 1+
Shifta Level 11 to 20 TECHNIC Levels 1+
Deband Level 11 to 20 TECHNIC Levels 1+
Zodial Level 11 to 20 TECHNIC Levels 1+
Equipment Name Slot Effect Used during
Line shields
Neutral G.R.M.  ?line Line shield - Levels 1+


I've had lots of partner machines but i think this is the best one at healing. I've had a tech pm that didnt heal as well as this one. It's meteor cannon is really good. Mines Lv31 and she's pretty strong.


Voice Female CAST voice
Not bad!
Oh yeah!
Outta sight!
Playin' dirty!
I got this one!
I'll get the leader!
Spread out and fight!
I'm attacking! Cover me!
Aw, these'll be no problem!
They're cute, but I can take 'em!
Ouch! We're in trouble.
Lost Hey, [player]! Where you at!
Found Hey, [player]! Where you been?
Boost stats This is good!
Lower stats This is bad!
Burn Hot tamale coming through!
Freeze This s-sucks!
Shock What a shock!
Confuse I've lost control!
Poison Ugh... I've been contaminated!
Silence Mmf!
Paralysis Ack!
Low HP A little help here?
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