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GUARDIANS Chronicle 4

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This article pertains to an item, mission or other feature which is exclusive to the Japanese PC version of Phantasy Star Universe.

GUARDIANS Chronicle 4

GUARDIANS Chronicle 4 is an event for the Japanese PC servers which began February 23, 2012, and is scheduled to conclude April 5, 2012[1]. A release date for the Xbox 360 version of this event has not been announced.

"GUARDIANS Chronicle" -- a project to develop new training simulations by converting past GUARDIANS military and training exercises to VR.

Thanks to the numerous simulators that have been created over the years, tremendous leaps have been made in developing the skills of new Guardians as well as AMF troops and the personnel of other private security firms. Taking a page straight from the most recent exercise, "Operation Urban Defense," schematics were drawn up for new, extremely high-difficulty simulations. And now, having received approval from the top office of the GUARDIANS, "GUARDIANS Chronicle 4" has begun!

Brave the records of the GUARDIANS' past to solidify a peaceful future for Gurhal!


Event overview

As with the previous three "GUARDIANS Chronicle" events, GUARDIANS Chronicle 4 revives a few popular missions from past events. This time around, missions from the 4th Anniversary Thanks Festa and Ragol Memorial Festa take the stage, introducing new challenges and new items thanks to the addition of difficulty S4.

Event missions

Prologue mission

Main missions

Recruitment mission

Event rewards

Individual rewards

The total number of enemies you and your party defeat is tallied at the end of each event mission run. As you accumulate points, pay Clamp Manyel a visit at Chronicles HQ 4 to trade them in toward new weapons and various materials.

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Reference notes

  1. Originally scheduled to conclude on March 22, 2012, GUARDIANS Chronicle 4 was extended by two weeks as an apology for an emergency maintenance period which occurred on February 24, 2012, to fix a critical bug in Protectors η.
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