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Version Ambition of the Illuminus
Enemy type Native creature (Parum)
Enemy size Extra large
Classification Normal enemy
Elements Lightning
Large creatures that look sort of like a rider riding a rhino. They are fast and aggressive. In The Egg Thieves they are the enemies that drop the eggs when defeated.


They can charge, attack with their sword, and cast TECHNICs. They have been known to attack using Zonde - firing two lightning bolts at the same time - while buffing themselves up with Shifta and Zodial.


Stat modifiers Boosts
HP 300% ATP 150% ATA 100% Crown.gif --
TP 100% DFP 170% EVP 90% Sword.gif 200% ATA, 200% TP, 120% STA
MST 100% STA 130% EXP 450% Shield.gif 150% DFP, 130% EVP, 150% MST
Status effect susceptibility
Burn Freeze Shock Silence Confusion Infection Poison Stun Sleep Incapacitation ATP down DFP down ATA down
- - - -
Half damage

Item drops

LV Ambition of the Illuminus
Drop items Missions
1-9 [B] Arrow Shooter --
10-19 [B] Tiller Look The Egg Thieves C
20-29 [B] Lumars Lightning Beasts C, (Passport to Subspace) C
30-39 [B] Izlucre Road to Rykros 2 C, New Challengers C
40-49 [B] Blanc Grenade Lightning Beasts B, The Egg Thieves B
50-59 [B] Blanc Grenade Road to Rykros 2 B
60-69 [B] Bomber Noir Lightning Beasts A, Road to Rykros 2 A
70-79 [B] Azul Fire --
80-99 [B] Azul Fire The Egg Thieves A, New Challengers B
100-124 [B] Azul Fire Lightning Beasts S, New Challengers A, (Legacy of the Light) C, (World of Illusion/R),
(Passport to Subspace) B
125-149 [B] Azul Fire The Egg Thieves S, (Legacy of the Light) B
150-174 Apocalypse Lightning Beasts S2, The Egg Thieves S2, New Challengers S, (Legacy of the Light) A
175-189 [B] Apocalypse (Legacy of the Light) S, (Passport to Subspace) A
190-199 Smart Link --
200  ? --
-- All missions listed above.

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