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Griena Tentacle

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This article pertains to an item, mission or other feature which is exclusive to the Japanese PC version of Phantasy Star Universe.

A creepy, undulating tentacle from a Dilla Griena. It seems it could make a very powerful weapon due to its length and elasticity, but in its current state, no one wants to touch it.

Item details

  • Available exclusively on the Japanese PC servers.
  • The Japanese name of this item is グリーナ・テンタクル.
  • Required in the exchange for the following items at Special Exchange 2:
  • Required in the exchange for the following items at the TENORA WORKS Shop location of Flagship R&D:

Drop information

Drop information
Source Level Ver. Type
Dilla Griena 1-200 Ambition of the Illuminus Biomaterial
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