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HIVE Clean-up 2

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Phantasy Star Universe ver.1
This mission has not been upgraded to Ambition of the Illuminus standards. Unless noted otherwise, all enemy and area drops are based on the original Phantasy Star Universe ver.1 charts.

HIVE Clean-up 2
Start lobby HIVE Laia
Start counter Central Control Room Area
End lobby Clyez City: 5th Floor
Version Phantasy Star Universe
Field HIVE Laia
Mission type Story mission
Party size 1 player
Enemy elements Dark

Entrust Leo, the sole survivor of the initial GUARDIANS force, to Hyuga and head for the central control room with Laia.

Mission requirements and rewards

LV Req. LV Enemy LV Rank S Rank A Rank B Rank C
Meseta Points Meseta Points Meseta Points Meseta Points
C 1 6+ -- -- -- -- -- -- 0 0
B 35 20+ -- -- -- -- -- -- 0 0
A 60 35+ -- -- -- -- -- -- 0 0
PA Fragment x10[1]
Rank S requirements
LV Time Defeated enemies Miscellaneous requirements
C Under 9:30 (?) -- --
B Under 10:30 (?) -- --
A Under 10:00 -- --

Enemy information

Enemy name Enemy buffs Ele. Mission LV C Mission LV B Mission LV A
Pannon Dark -- -- -- -- -- --
Pannon Sword.gif Shield.gif Staff.gif Boot.gif Dark -- -- -- -- -- --
Delsaban Dark -- -- -- -- -- --
Jusnagun Dark -- -- -- -- -- 310
Dilnazen Dark 6 64 -- -- -- --
Dulk Fakis Dark 6 -- -- -- -- --

Item drops

Enemy name Special drops Mission LV C Mission LV B Mission LV A
Pannon Altim Crim
Pannon Jelly
Unknown Meat
Delsaban --
Jusnagun --
Dilnazen --
Normal box Meteoric Metal
Kubara Wood
Area drops --


HIVE map with solution
  • The map to the right displays the order in which each terminal needs to be activated in order to clear this trial. First of all, you will want to clear the field of all enemies. You'll need every second you can get, and clearing the map of all obstructions will definitely help in that area. Also, while in the northern room, you'll notice two floor switches. Make sure that the one in the north side of the room is red while the east switch is green. (This will block off the room's southern exit while allowing access to the northern hallway.) After purifying all of the enemies, head to the terminal in the southeast corner (A). Activate it and have Laia stay there. Next, head back and take the warp that's outside, indicated by the blue dot. Move down the hallway to the easternmost room of the block. Activate the terminal (B) there and turn back around, taking the warp in that room. This warp will take you to the room with the two floor switches. Quickly move up to the northern hallway to activate another terminal (C). Following that, turn back around and head west until you reach the next terminal (D). After activating this one, take the warp in the room right before this one. This will place you right in front of the final terminal (E). Activate it to clear the trial. Remember, after activating terminal B, you will have only 60 seconds to activate the other three.

Reference notes

  1. PA Fragment rewards for story missions are only awarded once per character.
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