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Heat Wave Island

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Operation Firebreak This article pertains to a mission which was available only during the limited-time event Operation Firebreak.

Heat Wave Island
Start lobby Ohtoku City
Start counter Flyer Base
End lobby Agata Islands: Egam
Version Phantasy Star Universe
Field Agata Islands
Mission type Event mission
Party size 1-6 players
Enemy elements Fire Dark
(An unprecedented level of fire SEED contamination has befallen the Agata Islands. Purify the SEED cores and annihilate the contaminated creatures.)

Mission requirements and rewards

LV Req. LV Enemy LV Rank S Rank A Rank B Rank C
Meseta Points Meseta Points Meseta Points Meseta Points
C 1 5+ -- -- -- -- -- -- 0 0
B 10 20+ -- -- -- -- -- -- 0 0
A 45 55+ -- -- -- -- -- -- 0 0
Rank S requirements
LV Time Defeated enemies Miscellaneous requirements
C All SEED cores must be purified.
B All SEED cores must be purified.
A All SEED cores must be purified.

Enemy information

Enemy name Enemy buffs Ele. Mission LV C Mission LV B Mission LV A
Ageeta Fire -- -- -- -- -- --
Gohmon Fire -- -- -- -- x x
Olgohmon Fire x x x x -- --
SEED-Vance Dark -- -- -- -- x x
SEED-Vitace Dark x x x x -- --

Item drops

Enemy name Special drops Mission LV C Mission LV B Mission LV A
Ageeta -- [B] Hel-senba [B] Reiha-senba [B] Hoza-senba
Gohmon -- Wandra Batnara x
Olgohmon -- x x Crozara
SEED-Vance -- [B] Twin Handgun [B] Twin Autogun x
SEED-Vitace -- x x [B] Dual Railgun
SEED core
Normal box Ban-photon
Area drops
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