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Helga Neumann

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Helga Neumann
Helga Neumann in Phantasy Star Portable.
Helga Neumann and Vivienne in Phantasy Star Portable.
Helga Neumann in Shadow of the Arkguard.
Helga's SEED-Form from Shadow of the Arkguard.


Name Helga Neumann Affiliation Illuminus
Gender Female Race Human
Age 43 Height  ?Rp
JP Voice Rie Tanaka
(田中 理恵)
EN Voice Aileen Casas


From the Phantasy Star Portable in-game character glossary:
According to Obel Dallgun's investigation, Helga died 21 years ago.

The corresponding personal data is:
Name: Helga Neumann
Race: Human
Sex: Female
Age at death: 22

Dallgun encountered Helga while pursuing the Illuminus 20 years ago, but her appearance was the same then as it is now.

Further investigation has determined that this is the same Helga Neumann seen 20 years earlier, and her body and appearance have remained unchanged due to the SEED.

Helga is currently working with the Illuminus organization, researching the SEED. She has developed a way for the SEED to infect people, and has gone so far as to create a HIVE.

Utilizing HIVE technology, she attempted to unleash the SEED confined during the unification point, but the seal was protected by the player character and Vivienne.

Episode 2

Episode 3

Random facts

Partner character

Partner card

Helga Neumann
Race Human Gender Female
Type Guntecher (1) Level -5
Card comment
Card requirements


  • This partner character was used for the party chat system.

Alternate partner character

Partner card

Race Human Gender Female
Type Fortetecher (1) Level +20
Card comment
Card requirements


  • This partner character was used by the party chat system.


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