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History of Gurhal

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Before Alliance

Around BA 11000-6000

Downfall of the ancient civilization (end of the Confinement War)
The reason behind the downfall of the ancient civilization is unknown. Even though details on a definite time frame are unclear, there are theories on when the civilization may have been disrupted. The only surviving humans following the downfall went through a primitive age, eventually increasing their numbers over time. Civilization redeveloped as it progressed through the use of fossil fuels and eventually nuclear energy.

Around BA 1100

Discovery of photons
The humans of the only known planet of the time (which came to be known as Parum) branched out into the investigation of space. Around this time, photon particles are discovered. The unevenly distributed particles found between the planet's atmosphere and space end up saving humans from their energy problems while coming to be known as the savior to their age of space exploration. However, photon utilization research does not advance. Even while on the verge of discovering that one of photon's properties is its reaction to a person's spiritual energy, research comes to a halt when it is realized that the majority of photon's latent energy cannot be used by a human's spiritual energy.

Around BA 1000

Birth of newmans (Project: Designer Human)
Photon research had come to a standstill after 100 years. As a result, study moved away from its engineering style and took a more biological approach. Thus began Project: Designer Human, an endeavor to create a new type of human which specializes in the utilization of photons. The fruition of the project created a new race: newmans. Photon research was rapidly progressing following the birth of newmans. And with this progress came massive changes to the field of photon study due to the discovery of photon's various special energies. These photon particles were used as energy for devices known as "photon drives."

CAST prototype completed
The design of a mechanical creature modeled in the shape of a person created with the purpose of supporting humans in their everyday life and work is completed. This automaton is known as the CAST prototype.

Development of the second planet
The development of photon technology by humans was rapidly growing. As a result, development of the second planet (which later came to be known as Neudaiz) began. However, investigation and development became extremely difficult. Strange and unusual vegetation (made biohazardous from the technology of the ancient civilization) had flourished on the planet for the 10,000 year period following the Confinement War. Development continued, but after humans were unable to bring forth any worthwhile results from their work, plans for development were abandoned.

Around BA 980

Outcry For newman protection
Newmans had been created with the purpose of advancing photon research, but with their outward appearance and abilities being similar to those of humans, cases of humans marrying newmans and even adopting newman children began to become very common. Due to humans and newmans being very similar on the genetic level, interracial reproduction was possible. It was noticed that in the vast majority of half-breed children, the newman genes were dominant, resulting in a tremendous increase to the newman population. With this increase, however, came concerns over racial discrimination. Again and again, complaints surfaced of newmans being treated as pets or being used in inhuman research practices. This led to not only newmans, but humans as well, calling out for equality.

Around BA 900

Newman rights established
Newman rights were established as a result of the rising newman population as well as humans who supported equality. All inhuman treatment of newmans was strictly prohibited. The newman population continued to grow following their establishment of equality.

Around BA 800

Establishment of the Communion of Gurhal
The newman population had risen to over 30,000,000. Feeling a close connection between their minds and photons, a sect of newmans deified photon, and before long gave birth to the massive religious organization known as the Communion of Gurhal.

Around BA 750

Newman fight for independence occurs
When the newman population reached over 100 million, newmans took the opportunity to seek independence. With the complete backing of the Communion of Gurhal, the race demanded of Parum's government that they be allowed to establish an independent union. Humans in power considered the pros and cons of the newmans' demands, however there were some human sects who felt heavily against the recent rise of newman power. Beginning with that, racial disputes between humans and newmans intensified until finally the "Newman War of Independence" broke out.

Around BA 700

Neudaiz established
After half a century of conflict, it was finally decided that the second planet, which had been left untouched and neglected for many years, would be surrendered to the newmans. Almost all newmans from Parum migrated to the second planet which had been named Neudaiz. Over 300 years had passed since the humans failed their numerous attempts at developing the planet, making the newman migration very difficult. Newmans were able to develop technology which harnessed and used photons to their advantage, and finally managed to establish Neudaiz as a nation.

Around BA 650

Development of the third planet
The third planet had a hopeful outlook, however resource development focused more on the satellite belt orbiting the planet, leaving the surface mostly untouched. The reason for this being that violent wind storms comprised of clouds of fine metal particles swept across the planet's surface, severely damaging any mechanisms left in the open. The time and cost of the maintenance required for the damaged equipment outweighed the income from what development could be done, however. Humans saw a mountain of wealth and resources right before their eyes, but there was nothing they could do to reach their goal... until a private organization came forth with the suggestion of replacing machinery with living beings. And thus research began to develop a being suited for labor in harsh environments.

Birth of beasts
All research experiments such as Project: Designer Human had been prohibited by law, however a similar project began again in secret. From it was born beasts, a race created for the purpose of mining and development. The development of the third planet rapidly moved ahead as more and more beasts were put to work on the surface.

Around BA 550

Conflict between humans and newmans occurs
As newmans make advances in the development of Neudaiz through their use of photon technology, the humans' desire to rule over more than just Parum surfaces. Tension runs rampant between the two races as military conflicts occur between them more and more frequently.

Around BA 500

Beasts fight for independence
Beasts take control over the third planet, now known as Moatoob, after leading an armed uprising. And thus the three races are each spread across three planets, further breaking apart relations with one another. Over the course of 500 years, disputes between the races continued and 17 great wars were waged. This 500 year period is now known as the "Era of Chaos." During this same period, however, a distribution revolution occurred with the construction of vector tracks and great advances were made in photon technology out of necessity for war, earning the same period of destruction the title of the "Era of Growth."

Around BA 100

CASTs gain basic rights
The first CAST prototype was completed around BA 1000, and over the past 1000 years, great advances had been made in hardware and software leading to the CASTs of today, which are indiscernible in movement and intellect from humans and the other races. As far as humans were concerned before now, however, CASTs were still "just machines." There was no scientific proof of CASTs having souls, therefore humans believed that there was no way for them to be like the other races. As a result, no progress was made toward CASTs earning civil rights. It wasn't until around this time that humans, newmans and beasts collectively began to push for the rights of CASTs. From there, it wasn't long before the governments of the three planets officially recognized the civil rights of CASTs.

Around BA 90

CASTs take charge over Parum's political offices
Supporters of a certain organization put CASTs disguised as humans into central political offices on Parum, allowing CASTs to seize control of the planet's government. After it came to light that the latest government was comprised of nothing but CASTs, there was an incredible backlash by humans, and soon disputes and uprisings were occurring all across Parum.

Around BA 10

Humans officially transfer political power of Parum to CASTs
Human resistance groups attempted to interfere with CAST rule, though this did nothing more than further prove these groups' greed for political power. Ironically, most humans had no desire for war and welcomed the idea of a political system controlled by CASTs.

Allied Century

AC 0000

Tarcus Tripartite Treaty completed
Ten years have passed since the transfer of Parum's political offices to CASTs. The humans of Parum who were once engulfed in chaos and war have since turned peaceful, and CAST representatives were sent to Neudaiz and Moatoob to promote tranquility. For the most part, the cause of all of the past wars rested on humans, but still, the two races came to a mutual agreement. In order to achieve everlasting peace, the Allied Military Force was established as a group of absolute neutrality supported by all races. And thus the "Tarcus Tripartite Alliance" was formed. Even though the treaty focuses on only three races and seems to have no benefit to humans, most humans are pleased being governed by CASTs. Gradually, the books close on a 500 year history of futile conflict and a new era is welcomed with open arms.

Founding of the GUARDIANS
This year marks another monumental event aside from the Tripartite Treaty: the establishment of the GUARDIANS. An era of peace had finally come to the Gurhal System which once seemed to be a place of nothing but war, yet still there still existed some turbulence across the system. Large-scale disturbances were dealt with by the newly-formed Allied Military Force, but this always seemed to bring about numerous smaller incidents. There was no way for the A.M.F. to handle all of these smaller disturbances, however, so the GUARDIANS were established as an organization to protect the livelihood and security of the people. The organization quickly grew as many ex-soldiers looking for work since the end of the war enlisted with the GUARDIANS.

AC 0100

SEED incident occurs
During the 100th Anniversary Celebration of the Tripartite Treaty, a mysterious life form from space known as SEED attacks, dealing incredible damage to the Gurhal System. The A.M.F. and GUARDIANS respond to the situation as SEED contamination and infection of native creatures spread across each of the planets.

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