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Hyuga Ryght

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This article contains plot-related information which can be considered spoiler material. Continue reading at your own risk!



Hyuga Ryght


Name Hyuga Ryght Affiliation GUARDIANS
Race Human Gender Male
Age 17 Height 180Rp
JP Voice Akira Ishida
(石田 彰)
EN Voice Andrew Ceglio


A Guardian who attended the GUARDIANS Training School at the same time as Ethan. He and Ethan are rivals, often competing for first place in the Colony Frabullu Tournament. He's a bit of a lothario, but also a devout follower of the Gurhal Faith, and claims that all the girls he has met have come to him through divine intervention. At heart he is a very diligent prodigy.

Episode 1

More of a supporting actor, Hyuga is a rabid flirt who enjoys competing with Ethan (at one point, when asked if he is Ethan's friend, he says "We were more rivals than we were friends."). He supports Ethan during most episodes, but only really plays a major role in the plot later on, at the HIVE. He's mainly Ethan's partner, joining up with him in nearly every chapter including 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 12 - he's absent for the Magashi fight, though. He bails Ethan out during chapter 7, in an attempt to protect Mirei (it's known he's a Communion of Gurhal devotee, often saying all encounters are caused by the Holy Light as a chat-up line), holding 2 guards while Ethan, Mirei and Maya go on. He leaves the party halfway through chapter 12 while comforting Maya, following the loss of Kou Taragi.

Episode 2

Episode 3

Random facts

  • He wears a Communion of Gurhal emblem.
  • He's first seen chatting up a waitress in episode 1 chapter 2.
  • His clothes are made by Cubic Mode; this is visible when inspecting the back of his shirt at the hem, or the strap at the front.

Partner character

Partner card

Hyuga Ryght
Hyuga Ryght
Race Human Gender Male
Type Hunter (1) Level +3
Card comment
Please let me know
if I can be of
Card requirements
Human Tutorial or
Episode 2 Chapter 3


Weapon Name Linked Effect Used during
G.R.M. Ice Brand Gravity Strike LV1-10 skill LV1+
G.R.M. Ice Rapier Gravity Strike LV21-30 skill LV25+
Twin sabers
Kubara Product Dark Hyuga's Blades Splendor Crush LV21-30 skill LV50+
G.R.M. Neutral Lockgun -- -- LV1+
G.R.M. Light Baton
Resta LV1-10 TECHNIC LV1+
Reverser LV1-10 TECHNIC LV1+
Equipment Name Effect Used during
Line shields
TENORA WORKS Dark Rabol Tero -- LV1+



Voice Hyuga Ryght's voice (unique)
Spread out and attack!
I'm going forward! Cover me, [player]!
You left an opening!
[Player]! Let's attack from either side!
[Player]! I'll cover you as you advance.
Take that!
Didn't stand a chance!
Was that all you had?
I don't feel right fighting this...
This isn't good... There are so many of them!
Hardly a challenge!
This looks serious!
[Player/NPC] is in danger!
[Player/NPC]! Step back!
The [machine/humanoid enemy] is weak against striking attacks!
Lost Where has [player] gone?
Found Ah, here's [player]!
Boost SE Yes! I feel great!
Lower SE I feel a bit...under the weather...
Burn My beautiful face!
Freeze I can't... move!
Shock Eek!
Confuse Mother? Is that you?
Poison I don't feel so good...
Silence Hmmph!
Stun I... can't move...
Low HP Save me!
Enemy trap  ?

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