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Joining the Japanese Server

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ドーホホッ! This article is a guide and may contain opinions or other subjective information. The PSUPedia is not responsible for any inaccuracies or mistakes.


How to Join the Japanese Servers

Step 1: Importing AotI

It should be obvious, but before you start, you have to have the software! You'll need to import the game online or download the client directly.

The following links let you order the game:

These allow you to download the client legally for free. Note however that you will still need to buy a game key.

Step 2: Making your Computer Compatible

Once you finish installing the program, you'll need to set up your computer to recognize Japanese text and

The first step is to get your JP IME working. Visual Guide

  1. Open up the Control Panel and select Regional/Language Options.
  2. Select the "Keyboards and Languages" tab.
  3. Click on the "Change Keyboard" button.
  4. Click on the "Add..." button.
  5. Scroll down until you find Japanese and enable it.
  • Here is a more comprehensive walkthrough for activating and using the JP IME.

The second step is to configure your browser to properly display Japanese websites. To do this, access Options through the Tools button on your web browser of choice.

Firefox users.

Internet Explorer users.

Step 3: Creating an Account

This is where most potential players have trouble. Head on over to the JP PSU account page.

1st page: Click on the red button.

2nd page: Hit leftmost button.

3rd page: This is the User Agreement, hit the left button.

4th page: Input your email.

5th page: This is the email confirmation page. Check the email account that you registered for a mail containing a verification link.

6th page: This page can be a bit tricky. The simplest method for boxes #1-5 is to copy the underlined information into their respective boxes.

  • 1st box: Last name, First name. In Kanji.
  • 2nd box: Last name, First name. In Katakana.
  • 3rd box: Zip code
  • 4th box: Address
  • 5th box: Telephone number
  • 6th box: Birthdate. (YYYY/MM/DD)
  • 7th box: Gender. Left is Male, Right is Female
  • 8th box: Choose 3 Usernames in English. The 1st is your primary want, while the others are alternatives. All boxes must be filled in LOWERCASE lettering to continue.

7th page: Confirmation of information.

8th page: Tells you if your desired Username was available.

Congratulations! You've successfully finished creating your account.

Step 4: Registering your copy

Look around inside of your game box for the Serial key.

Then, head back to the JP PSU Account page, but this time, hit the right button in order to login. Visual Guide to the process.

Then if you have bought the game:

  1. Once successfully logged in, click the first button you see, it will bring you to a user agreement page.
  2. Hit the SECOND option to continue if you are new to the japanese servers. Or hit the first button if you already have a normal Phantasy Star universe account.
  3. The next page is where you enter in your game key. Click on the first button to continue.
  4. The final page validates your key.

Congratulations! You have activated your account. You are now able to play AotI offline.

Or if you use the downloadable version:

  1. Once successfully logged in, click the sixth button you see, it will bring you to a user agreement page. If there's less than 6 buttons, you probably want the second one.
  2. The next page is where you choose your payment method. If you are paying using a credit card, click on the first button directly.
  3. Then click on the first button to confirm your order of a game key.
  4. Enter your credit card information including the real name as written on your card, and submit the form.
  5. The final page confirms your order and enables your game key.

By buying a game key you receive 10 free days of gameplay. You can login directly and start playing.

Step 5: Billing

You're almost there! This is the final step.

After logging in, click on the 2nd button you see, which will bring you to this page.

You must select Monthly Recurring, as their billing system will not accept American cards for any other subscription type. You will be brought to this page.

  • 1st box - Pick card type. VISA or MASTERCARD for Americans.
  • 2nd box - Input Credit Card
  • 3rd box - Card Expiration Date
  • 4th box - Name as shown on card.

After completing this, you will be brought to a page that confirms your information. Congratulations! You now have the ability to log in and play on the Japanese PSU servers!

Step 6: Playing

Another guide is available to help you find your way on the japanese servers.

Qualms about Joining?

  • I can't speak the Language!
There is a small community playing on the JP Servers. Visit them on the official Importer's IRC server at #Useful Links/Info. If you are the adventurous type, try talking to some of the native JP players. They may make an effort to understand you.
  • I can't read the Language!
The only thing you need to memorize is menu navigation and item names, which are all in Katakana. Katakana is a phonetic writing system devised for foreign words. With some practice, you'll quickly learn to associate Katakana with the sounds that they represent.
  • Having to start over from scratch
This is a viable reason to not make the switch, however, there are plenty of events that pop up complete with greatly increased exp rates.
  • I have difficulty registering!
If you still have problems after reading this guide, it would be best to seek 1 on 1 help from other importers in the IRC channel.
  • Hacking
Practically nonexistent. Not to say that it doesn't exist, but it's dealt with rather quickly. Cheating is looked down upon, therefore hackers would keep to themselves.
  • Glitches
A minor flaw that you should be all-too-used to on the NA servers. If something buggy is released, it won't take nearly as long for them to fix.
  • Lag
Lag is not a consistent problem for most players running on relatively decent connections, but it is present. Importers should be used to this anyways. You'll get accustomed to it rather quickly.
  • It's the same game regardless of where you play
Granted, however the game itself isn't what has killed the community in online PS games, it's the service. Their equipment is well-maintained and the game is moderated actively. Also, if the past is any indication, there will be events for years to come. The US Blue Burst servers were shut down, but the Japanese Blue Burst servers continue to receive both updates and events.

Useful Links/Info

The Importer Community IRC channel: / #psujp

Kietrina's guide to setting up and using the JP IME. [1]

Katakana Translation: [2]

Katakana Comprehension aid (flash): [3]

Assorted PSU Menu Translations: [4]

Guardians License Cancellation: [5]

Helpful phrases

  • For those who cannot read Hiragana, type in the Römaji verbatim and select the appropriate conversions within the IME.
1.) English: Hello, may I join you?
  • Kanji: こんにちは、私も参加して良いですか?
  • Hiragana: こんにちは、わたしもさんかしていいですか?
  • Römaji: konnichiha, watashimosankashiteiidesuka?
2.) English: I don't understand Japanese. Is it alright if I join you?
  • Kanji: 日本語がわからないけど、参加して良いですか?
  • Hiragana: にほんごがわからないけど、さんかしていいですか?
  • Römaji: nihongogawakaranaikedo, sankashiteiidesuka?
3.) English: Excuse me, I will be right back.
  • Kanji: すぐに戻ります。
  • Hiragana: すぐにもどります。
  • Römaji: sugunimodorimasu.
4.) English: I have things to do, so I will be leaving now. Please let me participate again sometime.
  • Kanji: 用事が出来たので、失礼します。また、参加させてください。
  • Hiragana: ようじができたので、しつれいします。また、さんかさせてください。
  • Römaji: youjigadekitanode, shitsureishimasu. mata, sankasasetekudasai.
5.) English: I have things to do, so I will be leaving now. Thank you.
  • Kanji: 用事が出来たので、失礼します。どうもありがとう。
  • Hiragana: ようじができたので、しつれいします。どうもありがとう。
  • Römaji: youjigadekitanode, shitsureishimasu. doumoarigatou.
6.) English: Let's play again sometime.
  • Kanji: また、参加させてください。
  • Hiragana: また、さんかさせてください。
  • Römaji: mata, sannkasasetekudasai.
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