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Lapucha Ice.jpg
Version Phantasy Star Universe
Enemy type Native creature (Moatoob)
Enemy size Small
Classification Normal enemy
Elements Ice Ground
Lapucha are small, bird-like creatures native to Moatoob. From a glance it appears as though they are wearing helmets, though this is actually a shell that covers their arms and the tops of their heads.


  • Can strike with their arms for weak damage.
  • Are capable of flying, despite their shelled arms. They can inflict contact damage while struggling through the air.
  • Can burrow underground, at which point they become invulnerable to damage. They can injure players upon reemerging.


Stat modifiers Boosts
HP 70% ATP 75% ATA 90% Crown.gif --
TP 70% DFP 80% EVP 80% Sword.gif --
MST 70% STA 70% EXP 60% Shield.gif --
Status effect susceptibility
Burn Freeze Shock Silence Confusion Infection Poison Stun Sleep Incapacitation ATP down DFP down ATA down
Half damage

Item drops

LV Phantasy Star Universe Ambition of the Illuminus
Drop items Missions Drop items Missions
1-9 [B] Arb Had Valley of Suspicion 1 C [B] Arb Had --
10-19 [B] Arb Pam Valley of Carnage C, Mine Defense C, Tunnel Recapture C,
Bruce's Dungeon C
[B] Arb Pam (Deserted Mines) C
20-29 [B] Arb Oga Valley of Suspicion 1 B [B] Arb Oga Awoken Serpent C, Citadel of Sand C, (Passport to Subspace) C
30-39 [B] Arb Roga Valley of Carnage B, Mine Defense B, Tunnel Recapture B,
Valley of Suspicion 1 A
[B] Arb Roga --
40-49 [B] Arb Biga Valley of Carnage A, Mine Defense A, Tunnel Recapture A,
Bruce's Dungeon B
[B] Arb Biga Awoken Serpent B, (Deserted Mines) B
50-59 [B] Arb Rega Valley of Carnage S [B] Arb Rega Citadel of Sand B
60-69 [B] Arb Rega Mine Defense S [B] Arb Rega Awoken Serpent A
70-79 [B] Arb Rega Tunnel Recapture S [B] Arb Rega (Deserted Mines) A
80-99 [B] Arb Rega Valley of Carnage S2, Mine Defense S2, Tunnel Recapture S2,
Bruce's Dungeon A
[B] Arb Rega Citadel of Sand A
100-124 [B] Mukfet -- [B] Arb Biso Awoken Serpent S, Citadel of Sand S, (Passport to Subspace) B,
(Deserted Mines) S
125-149 -- -- [B] Arb Boa Awoken Serpent S2, (Deserted Mines) S2
150-174 -- -- Daga Cresa+ Citadel of Sand S2, Awoken Serpent S3, (Deserted Mines) S3
175-189 -- -- [B] Daga Cresa+ (Passport to Subspace) A
190-199 -- -- [B] Rabol Rolei --
200 -- --  ? --
Lapucha Shell All missions listed above. Lapucha Shell All missions listed above.

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