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Liina Sukaya (offline)

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This article contains plot-related information which can be considered spoiler material. Continue reading at your own risk!



Liina Sukaya
Liina Sukaya
Liina Sukaya


Name Liina Sukaya Affiliation Rogues
Gender Female Race Beast
Age 22 Height 130cm
JP Voice Ryoko Nagata
(永田 亮子)
EN Voice M Hutchison


Liina was raised in the same orphanage as Tonnio and thinks of him as an older brother. As a young girl, she led an aimless existence until Tylor took her onto his staff of the Landeel as his assistant. She has a compassionate heart and dislikes taking lives. She is convinced that she is in love with Tylor.

Episode 1

Liina, while rather minor, appears several times within the story. First making a minor appearance in episode 4, where she gasses Karen. The only other time she's seen in this chapter is on top of the train picking Tylor up after his fight with Ethan.

She makes a somewhat larger appearance in episode 8 where she releases Ethan and Tonnio, who, at this time, were being held by Magashi. She fights beside you while showing you the way to the port where Tylor and Magashi are fighting.

Making another, even larger appearance in chapter 10, Liina is found under some wreckage by Lou before the Magashi boss fight (thankfully, she's ok). Later seen aboard the Landeel arguing the case for an old Lou model found under the sands of Moatoob. Unfortunately, she doesn't win, and is simply lead out of the room while Lou puts the old model down.

Next seen in chapter 12, and again, quite minor, she tells Ethan to cheer up and look at the Starship right behind him. During the HIVE fights, she stays at the Landeel with Tylor.

Episode 2

Random facts

  • Liina is the shortest character in the entire game.
  • Liina grew up with Tonnio and has a rather sticky relationship now, still preferring to stay aboard the Landeel with Tylor.

Partner character (offline)

Partner Card

Liina Sukaya
Gender Female Race Beast
Type Hunter (1) Level +1
Card requirements
Card comment
I'm the first mate
of the Landeel.


Weapon Name Linked Effect Used during
Neutral TENORA WORKS Daga Rippa Shunbu Shouren-zan LV11-20 skill LV1+
Ground TENORA WORKS Cubo Upinde Yak Diga LV11-20 bullet LV1+
Equipment Name Slot Effect Used during
Line shields
Ice Yohmei Gi-senba Line shield - LV1+
- - - - - No Nanoblast LV20+


See Liina Sukaya.


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