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Lumia Waber

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This article contains plot-related information which can be considered spoiler material. Continue reading at your own risk!



Lumia Waber
Lumia in Shadow of the Arkguard.


Name Lumia Waber Affiliation GUARDIANS
Race Human Gender Female
Age 13 Height 155Rp
JP Voice Ayako Kawasumi
(川澄 綾子)
EN Voice Amy Provenzano


Ethan's younger sister. She is observant and kind to everybody. Lumia is a big fan of the Communion of Gurhal's Divine Maiden and participates in many ceremonies just to get a glimpse of her. She's just as full of vigor as her brother, sometimes taking the reins and leading him around. She is concerned that Ethan has chosen the same dangerous line of work that killed their father, but supports him nonetheless.

Episode 1

Lumia isn't a GUARDIAN in Episode 1, but she still plays an average sized part. You see Lumia for the first time after about 45 seconds after Ethan's leg heals (read Ethan's bio for more information).

She keeps pestering Ethan about being late for the 100th Anniversery of the Tripartite Alliance, but they are late because No Vol pickpockets Lumia's meseta card, preventing her from boarding the Linear Line with Ethan.

In Chapter 2, Lumia talks to Ethan about why he joined the GUARDIANS, because he used to hate them and that she is worried that he might get hurt.

Later in Chapter 3, before Ethan goes to Parum, Hyuga is seen flirting with Lumia. An overprotective Ethan yells at her, and Lumia shouts back to him: "Why do you treat me like a child, Ethan!!?" and then runs away. Ethan then states to Hyuga "Thats why i treat her like a child."

As you can see, Lumia doesn't play such a big part, but without her, the storyline wouldn't be the same.

Shadow of the Arkguard

Lumia plays a minor part in the events of Shadow of the Arkguard. When Illuminus forces attack the GUARDIANS Colony, Lou rushes Lumia to safety, in order to keep her promise to Ethan. Though Lou is shot dead by Helga Neumann, Lumia is saved by Ethan, who does battle with Helga in her SEED form. Before she can kiss Ethan and spread the SEED Virus to him as well, Lumia shoots Helga in the head with Lou's handgun, proving she may have what it takes to become a GUARDIAN in the future.

Episode 2

Episode 3

Lumia becomes a GUARDIAN-in-training, despite President Laia Martinez's wishes against it. It is commented several times that Lumia is "just like her brother," Ethan.

Random Facts

Partner character

Partner card

Lumia Waber
(Amorosso Top & Boots)
Lumia Waber
Race Human Gender Female
Type Guntecher (1) Level -5
Card comment
I'm still new at this,
but I'll do my best!
Card requirements
Episode 3 Chapter 1


Weapon Name Linked Effect Used during
Kubara Product Fire Magical Wand
Foie LV21 to 30 TECHNIC LV1+
Rafoie LV11 to 20 TECHNIC LV25+
G.R.M. Neutral Marguisa
Rabarta LV1 to 10 TECHNIC LV1 to 99
Ramegid LV1 to 10 TECHNIC LV1 to 99
Shifta LV21 to 30 TECHNIC LV1 to 99
Kubara Product Neutral Okarodoc
Razonde LV1 to 10 TECHNIC LV50+
Deband LV21 to 30 TECHNIC LV50+
Yohmei Light Kazarod
Resta LV21 to 30 TECHNIC LV50+
Reverser LV1 to 10 TECHNIC LV50+
Retier LV1 to 10 TECHNIC LV50+
Giresta LV1 to 10 TECHNIC LV50+
Equipment Name Effect Used during
Line shields
TENORA WORKS Dark Rabol Tero - LV1+



Voice Lumia Waber's voice (unique)
I'll do my best!
I'm gonna go ahead! [Player], cover me?
I'll cover you, [player]!
I'll protect [player]!
Let's all defend [player]!
I'll distract it! You attack it!
There's an opening!
[Player]! Get the [enemy] for me!
Let me have the leader!
Low LV enemies This should be a piece of cake!
High LV enemies Be careful! It's strong!
Cute enemies So cute! Do we really have to hurt it?
Many enemies There are so many! Are we going to be all right?
Lost Hey, [player]! Where are you?
Found [Player]! There you are!
Status up Yeah! Here we go!
Status down Oof... I feel so weak...
Burn Ouch, that's hot!
Freeze Yikes! I'm frozen!
Shock Yowch! That hurt!
Confuse  !? My body is out of control?!
Poison Ick... Poisoned...
Silence Urk...
Stun Oh no...
Low HP Someone protect me! Please!
Enemy trap  ?

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