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Maira Klein

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Name Maira Klein Affiliation N/A
Gender Female Race Human
Age  ? Height  ?cm
JP Voice  ? EN Voice  ?


Episode 3

Maira Klein is a child that joins your party during Episode 3, Chapter 1. She gets separated from her mother during a SEED-influenced monster attack in Rozenom City and must be protected during a trial. She cannot attack.

Random Facts

Partner character

Partner Card

Maira Klein
Gender Female Race Human
Type Hunter (1) Level -10
Card requirements
Card comment


Weapon Name Linked Effect Used during
- - - - no weapons - - Levels 1+
Equipment Name Slot Effect Used during
Line shields
- - no line shields - - Levels 1+



Voice Female voice ?
Lost  ?
Found  ?
Boost Stats -
Lower Stats  ?
Burn It's hot!
Freeze  ?
Shock Waah!
Confuse  ?
Poison  ?
Silence  ?
Paralysis  ?
Low HP I'm scared.
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