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02/29/08: New free and story missions!

02/15/08: New PM devices and more!

02/08/08: Valentine's Day and new S2 missions

  • Update 039 has introduced the seasonal Valentine's event, bringing the rare Rappy Amure with it. A number of other changes have occurred, though they are split between servers due to some technical issues. The 360 servers have received the update that the PC/PS2 servers received last week. SonicTeam are still awaiting Microsoft's certification of the title update necessary to fix a few in-game glitches, however. The PC/PS2 servers have received a small update including two new S2 missions, Caves of Ice and Awoken Serpent. Despite official reports stating it would not happen, the rare free mission Forest of Illusion has also been released.

02/01/08: New story and item exchange missions

  • Update 038 brought the Winter Event to a close, taking with it the seasonal winter lobbies and superholy Photon Fortune for all races. In its wake, however, the second chapter of Episode 2 has been released along with a brand new item exchange mission. Numerous other changes were made to the game as well, such as drop rate and item adjustments. Check out the update link for full details.

01/25/08: Final week of the Winter Event

01/18/08: The Winter Event Continues!

01/11/08: The Winter Event has begun!

  • Update 035 kicks off the three week long Winter Event! The level cap has also been increased to LV120, four new clothes and parts sets have been added and numerous new decorations are available at the Variety Shop and Casino Voloyal. Check out the link above for further details.

12/21/07: New mission and PAs!

  • Update 034 introduces one new mission at AMF Central Command in Holtes City, Electronic Brain. Also, the item exchange mission Skill License at Dagora City's GUARDIANS Branch has been updated with many new photon arts. Click the link above to check out the full details on this week's update.

12/14/07: Habirao is now open!

  • Update 033 introduces two new missions at Neudaiz's Habirao Forbidden District, Hill of Spores and Dancing Birds. Christmas has also begun across Gurhal, with decorations being put up in Clyez, Holtes and Dagora Cities. Check out the link above for full details on the new content.

11/30/07: New missions and more!

  • Today's update introduces two new free missions and one new story mission to Ambition of the Illuminus. There are also new clothing and parts sets as well as new room decorations available at Casino Voloyal. And if that weren't enough, our reward period from the 1Up Platinum Cup begins today and has been extended to last for three weeks!

11/20/07: Illuminus is out!

  • Today marks the official worldwide release of Ambition of the Illuminus for the Xbox 360 and the North American release for PC/PS2! We hope everyone enjoys what this expansion has to offer!

11/16/07: 1Up is over!

  • This update has brought a close to the 1Up Platinum Cup as well as the Halloween lobbies. We earned a total of 4,212,511 Gurhal Check Points during the run of the event. Rewards will be issued soon. Stay tuned for further information. Moving on, this update has introduced a number of exciting new features to the game as we move even close to the release of Ambition of the Illuminus. Click the link above for full details on what was added.

11/09/07: Final week of the 1Up Cup!

  • This update brings us to the final week of the 1Up Platinum Cup. Now all four event missions are available one last time. Also, upon completing any of the missions with an S-rank, an all-new third bonus mission has been added to each VR mission. Remember! This is the last week of the Cup, so enjoy it while you can!

11/02/07: Week three of the 1Up Cup!

10/26/07: Week two of the 1Up Cup!

10/19/07: The 1Up Cup begins!

  • This update marks the beginning of the month-long 1Up Platinum Cup! Check out the event page for further details. Furthermore, for the next four weeks, the lobbies of Clyez, Holtes and Dagora Cities will all be jazzed up with Halloween decorations. You might even comes across the rare Rappy Latan in certain missions!

09/28/07: New photon arts and co-op mission!

  • This update introduced 16 new photon arts which can be accessed through PA Fragment trading missions at the different GUARDIANS branches across Gurhal. True Darkness, a new co-op mission which takes Guardians through the HIVE to take on the second form of Dulk Fakis was also added.

09/14/07: LV100, Chapter 10, new clothes and more!

  • In this update, the final chapter of Episode 2 has been released, bringing our story to a head as we move closer to the upcoming expansion. The level cap has also been raised. Guardians will now be able to advance as high as LV100. Other additions include a few new Attacker-series SUVs, some new clothes and parts as well as 10 new PM evolution devices. EspioKaos 20:21, 14 September 2007 (BST)

08/10/07: New Lobby, Co-Op and S2 Missions!

07/27/07: New S2s, New Rares, and a New Story Mission!

  • In this update, the S2 difficulty was added to Demons Above, Moonlight Beast, Grove of Fanatics, Mizuraki Defense, and Desert Goliath. All of these missions (except Mizuraki) include enemies level 100 or higher, so several new S-Rank boards have become available with this update. For a complete list of S-Rank boards and where they drop, see S-Rank Listing. Finally, Chapter 9 of Episode 2 has become available. This Chapter is entitled Price of Genocide, and takes place on Moatoob with Laia and Tonnio. --Qwerty 18:27, 31 July 2007 (BST)

07/13/07: Super Holy Light Festival Starts!

  • To commemorate the hard work by all GUARDIANS, the Super Holy Light Festival has begun! All GUARDIANS will enjoy Super Holy Luck for one full week, and those GUARDIANS who made the effort to purify every SEED infested mission received a Frying Pan! In addition, three new S2 difficulty missions are available: Plains Overlord, Mad Creatures, and Sleeping Warriors. Several new S-Rank boards are now available, such as the [B] Psycho Wand! For more information, see the full update notes! - Beatrixkiddo 04:58, 15 July 2007 (BST)

06/28/07: New Party Mission!

  • After three weeks focusing mostly on the Operation: Firebreak and Sonic Birthday events, Firebreak has finally concluded. To ease the loss of the limited-time party missions, the game has brought in an all-new party mission in its latest update. It has at last also added some new S2 difficulty missions, as well as some very long-awaited new clothes for Humans, Newmans and Beasts. - Miraglyth 20:40, 4 July 2007 (BST)

06/07/07: Operation Firebreak: Part 2!

  • In this update, Parum's purification efforts have received a significant boost in the form of two "urgent" missions. Unlike other missions these are on a strict time limit and as a novelty can actually be failed if the time runs out! In addition for the first time, the game has two new events at the same time. - Miraglyth 20:40, 4 July 2007 (BST)

05/10/07: Four New S2 Missions and 9 New 10★ Boards!

  • In this update, four more missions had S2 difficulty added: The Mad Beasts, Forested Islands, Rainbow Beast, and The Holy Ground. Furthermore, two of these missions include enemies level 100 or over, which means that S-Rank boards will now be more readily available. Here is a brief listing of what can be found:
The Mad Beasts [B] Meteor Cannon from Polavohra [B] Two-headed Ragnus from Go Vahra [B] Sweet Death from Gol Dolva [B] Storm Line from Badira [B] Halarod from Jarba
Rainbow Beast [B] Uransara from Olgohmon [B] Shi-kikami from Kagajibari [B] Baji-senba from Ageeta [B] Deva-zashi from Goshin [B] Fuka-Misaki from Kamatoze

Note: [B] Halarod is not a new S-Rank, technically, but the drop from Jarba is new. For a complete listing of S-Rank boards, including many that do not yet drop, see S-Rank Listing.

Looking forward, the next update will take place on May 25th, bringing the much awaited [B] Grinder A, new lobby decorations and the new server-wide event, Operation Firebreak. Stay tuned for more details. --Qwerty 16:19, 11 May 2007 (BST)

04/26/2007: Chapter 2; Episode 8 and 2 new S2 Missions!

  • In this particular update, players were given a new Storyline Mission, bringing the online storyline closer to it's conclusion, as well as allowing high level players to experience two new S2 missions: Eastern Peril and Rogue's Shortcut. The Cherry Blossom Festival has also been brought to a close with this update. The April 26th Update also gave players the long awaited announcenement of the US release date for Ambitions of the Illuminus, as well as the announcement of Operations Firebreak. - Ness012345, 17:06, 4 May 2007 (BST)

04/13/2007: Three Weeks Later

  • In this awaited update, Phantasy Star Universe has gained new clothing options for all characters and three new S2 difficulty missions on Moatoob. The Easter event has given way to some form of "Cherry Blossom" festival. - Miraglyth 15:00, 15 April 2007 (BST)

03/23/2007: New Party Missions!

  • The update today just gives us two new party missions from C to S2 difficulty (though it's worth noting that the older two party missions have not had S2 difficulty added), along with a change in event from White Day to Easter. Which is unfortunately going to have to tide us over for another three weeks... - Miraglyth 09:32, 23 March 2007 (UTC)

03/09/2007: Lv.80 Cap and More!

  • Today the level cap for Phantasy Star Universe has been raised to 80. This has been considered long-overdue by many players as the Lv.70 cap had been in place for just under two months. We've also got some other stuff including a new story mission, S2 free missions and new PM evolution devices! Check out the updates page to get the specifics. - Miraglyth 09:26, 9 March 2007 (UTC)

03/02/2007: Long-Awaited Update

  • It's been a long three weeks, hasn't it? Finally Phantasy Star Universe receives some new content, including the awaited PA Fragment Photon Arts, the second HIVE mission and two new co-operative missions. In addition, the "shift-cancelling" trick with TECHNICs has been removed just in time to prevent Nos-series TECHs being abused. - Miraglyth 10:46, 2 March 2007 (UTC)

02/25/2007: Illegal Item Deletion

  • This update's a little late appearing, but in the usual maintenance period, additional measures were implemented to prevent the use of illegal equipment in Network Mode. The extent of what players have been told is that all items marked as "unobtainable" will be deleted by the game instantly and/or when removed from shops. However some known unattainable items (particularly Room Goods and grinded A-Rank or S-Rank weapons) have apparently slipped through these measures. - Miraglyth 13:20, 25 February 2007 (CST)

02/16/2007: No More V-Day!

  • Just a quick note to say that during a ten-minute maintenance that occured during the "grave shift", the Valentine's Event has been brought to a close. For the first time since the game's second update on the 7th of December, there are no themed lobbies active. - Miraglyth 06:03, 16 February 2007 (CST)

02/09/2007: Update 010: 'Technical Difficulties'

  • The February 8th-9th update has been a string of disappointments. As the game was brought down for maintenance, forum admin (Sega employee) Superfuzz posted update details that informed players that the next update wouldn't be until March 2nd. Following that, on the update's completion (the maintenance only lasting about 150 minutes), players learned that the PA Fragment Photon Arts - the focus of the update - were not added at all. Shortly following, Superfuzz confirmed this citing "technical difficulties" as the reasoning, and stating that they would not be added until "the next update" - which as previously mentinoed is going to take three times longer than usual updates. - Miraglyth 04:52, 9 February 2007 (CST)

02/02/2007: Update 009

  • The February 1st-2nd update is here! After what many users complained was "too long with the Winter lobbies", we've now got new/brilliant/sickening (depending on how cynical you are) lobbies. There are also three entirely new missions - one per planet - and a bunch of nice tweaks - some long-awaited - to the game. - Miraglyth 05:10, 2 February 2007 (CST)

01/26/2007: Game Update

  • The January 25th-26th update has arrived. For the first time since the 7th of December (6/7 updates ago) we've got all-new missions! One each for Parum, Moatoob and the GUARDIANS Colony. We've also got a new Story Mission. - Miraglyth 05:10, 26 January 2007 (CST)

01/19/2007: Update 007

  • The January 18th-19th update has come, only instead of getting the four promised S-Rank mission variants, we got five! We've now got S-Ranks for every mission in the game save the Bruce's Dungeon party mission. In addition, the "swimsuit glitch" (article no doubt pending) and synthesis disconnect/cancel trick to save the board, have both been fixed and are now impossible. - Miraglyth 04:44, 19 January 2007 (CST)

01/15/2007: Updated

  • Happy New Year! The update has come, and it appears to be what I researched! Yay! - Kyodai Inkei 16:25, 15 January 2007 (CST)
    • The bathing suits are available from the Kubara shop - Clyez City Level 3; Shopping Mall B. - Yamishi

12/31/2006: Update Coming Mid-January

  • Happy New Year! With the new year comes good news. On January Twelfth, 2007, the greedy, lethargic, and possibly apathetic workers of SEGA and Sonic Team will give all US/EU servers a much needed content update. In this update, a completely new mission will become available on Moatoob; this is rumored to be "Bruce's Dungeon." The third online story mission will also be made available. In the way of combat, new Photon Arts will be released, and the level cap will be increased to 70. On an individual level, new room decorations will be added, but, most importantly, new clothing and parts will be a welcomed addition. Personally, I cannot wait for the swimsuits. Hurray for close-to-full nudity! - Kyodai Inkei 08:34, 31 December 2006 (CST)

12/26/2006: Christmas Is Over

  • The Christmas theme has been removed from all lobbies on all PSU servers. All Christms-themed items are no longer available in NPC stores. - Kyodai Inkei 18:00, 26 December 2006 (PST)

12/22/2006: Another Update

  • Nothing big, but a new mission, "Episode 2 Chapter 2: Desert's End", has been added. S-rank missions have also been added. What will be the fate of our beloved ex-Guardian Ethan? - Kyodai Inkei 4:09, 22 December 2006 (PST)

12/16/2006: Third Update

  • Again a little late, but Sega has made good on their promise of weekly content updates (so far). This past Friday, the English Phantasy Star Universe servers were updated with five new S-Rank missions. The missions are: Mad Creatures, Mizuraki Defense, Demons Above, Valley of Carnage, and Mine Defense. The official website promises here that next week will bring a new story mission, along with even more S-Rank missions. - Segaholic2 13:29, 16 December 2006 (PST)

12/09/2006: Second Update!

  • (A little late, but...) Starting a series of what is promised to be weekly updates in the forseeable future, the English Phantasy Star Universe servers have been updated with a plethora of content. Most importantly the raise in level cap from 50 to 60 and the addition of Expert Types, the addition of A and S-ranked weapons and armor, our first Story Mission and our first two S-Rank Missions, the update also introduces to us our first event, in the form of Christmas. For further information on the update's details check the Updates page. - Miraglyth 14:21, 9 December 2006 (PST)
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