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No Vol (offline)

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Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.



No Vol


Name No Vol Affiliation Rogues
Gender Male Race Human
Age 21 Height 185cm
JP Voice Kenta Miyake
(三宅 健太)
EN Voice David Rosenthal


The Vol Brothers vowed to get big in the rogue world. The eldest is the leader and the brains of the three, and uses TECHNICs. The middle brother is the brawn, and uses firearms in combat. The youngest brother is the handyman, in charge of working on machines and weapons, and is also powerful in close-quarters combat.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Random Facts

Partner character (offline)

Partner Card

No Vol
Gender Male Race Human
Type Ranger (1) Level +1
Card requirements
Card comment
I'm No Vol, of
the invincible
Vol brothers!


Weapon Name Linked Effect Used during
Twin handguns
Neutral TENORA WORKS Arb Had No PA linked - Levels 1+
Equipment Name Slot Effect Used during
Line shields
Ice Yohmei  ?-senba Line shield - Levels 1+

Combat Quotes

See No Vol.

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