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Version Phantasy Star Universe
Enemy type Boss
Enemy size Large
Classification Boss
Elements Fire

The Onmagoug is a massive demon that can fly, throw fire, and has several other tricks. Hitting its wings will damage them enough that it can temporarily not fly. The only types of weaponry that can reach it while it is flying are ranged weapons that can be aimed in first person mode, and the Nosmegid and Noszonde PA for techers. There is a similar creature on Moatoob called the Dimmagolus.


  • In A and higher ranked missions, Onmagoug will use a purple lightning attack once he's taken significant damage.
  • Onmagoug throws Ollaka.
  • The fireballs that Onmagoug sends out are of Fire element, getting hit by one of these may cause burn.


Stat modifiers Half damage
HP 1380% ATP 240% ATA 150%
TP 200% DFP 150% EVP 140%
MST 400% STA 200% EXP 2000%


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