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Version Ambition of the Illuminus
Enemy type SEED-Form
Enemy size Medium
Classification Normal enemy
Elements Dark
Orcdillans are SEED-Forms that appear to be an improved version of the Sendillan. Despite this, Orcdillans are separate monsters and do not replace Sendillans in the same way that other monsters, such as Deljabans and Go Vahras, replace their lesser alternates.


  • Practically always charges after spawning. In addition to knocking down players with this attack, Orcdillans will usually end up dragging around whoever they manage to hit, especially if several Orcdillans are bunched together in their charge.
  • Aside from this initial attack, they essentially fight and act similarly to Sendillans, but are noticeably faster and much more aggressive.


Stat modifiers Boosts
HP 100% ATP 110% ATA 110% Crown.gif Half damage from all attacks
TP 110% DFP 90% EVP 100% Sword.gif --
MST 130% STA 100% EXP 100% Shield.gif --
Status effect susceptibility
Burn Freeze Shock Silence Confusion Infection Poison Stun Sleep Incapacitation ATP down DFP down ATA down
Half damage

Item drops

LV Ambition of the Illuminus
Drop items Missions
1-9 Magga Aza --
10-19 Magga Gres SEED Express C, (Distant Memory) C
20-29 Magga Rit Electronic Brain C, The Black Nest C, The Dark God C, Farewell to Mother 2 C
30-39 Magga Gat Farewell to Mother 2 B, Ambition's End 2 C, SEED Express B, A Brighter Day 2 C
40-49 Magga Bar Electronic Brain B, The Black Nest B, The Dark God B, Ambition's End 2 B,
(Distant Memory) B
50-59 Magga S'bina Farewell to Mother 2 A, Ambition's End 2 A, A Brighter Day 2 B
60-69 Magga S'bina SEED Express A, A Brighter Day 2 A
70-79 Magga Draga (Distant Memory) A
80-99 Magga Draga Electronic Brain A, The Black Nest A, The Dark God A
100-124 Magga Guin Electronic Brain S, The Black Nest S, SEED Express S, (Distant Memory) S
125-149 Magga Guin The Dark God S, The Black Nest S2, (Distant Memory) S2
150-174 Shiraha-zashi Electronic Brain S2, SEED Express S2, The Dark God S2, The Black Nest S3,
The Dark God S3
175-189 [B] Shiraha-zashi (Distant Memory) S3
190-199  ? --
200  ? --
-- All missions listed above.

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