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PM Device

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PM Devices are used to further evolve a Partner machine into various forms that have differing combat abilities. Once a PM Device is purchased from the Clyez City Variety Shop, they can be used by feeding them to your Partner machine just like any other item.

The two main requirements for using a particular PM Device are

  • The Partner machine must be level 80 or higher.
  • The PM Device used must be of the same series as the Partner machine it is being used on. For example, a PM Device GH411 can be used on a GH-410 or a GH-412, but not on a GH-420 or GH-450.

PM Devices should not be confused with EX Devices, whose requirements are based on your PM's B St and offer other evolutions not obtainable via PM Devices.

PM Devices do not affect synthing attributes or abilities in any way. The exception is the special PM Device ZERO, which resets your Partner machine to level 1 along with all of its attributes and abilities.

Available PM Devices

GH 410 Series

GH 420 Series

GH 430 Series

GH 440 Series

GH 450 Series

Reset Device

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