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PSP:GH 410

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Phantasy Star Portable This article pertains to an item, mission or other feature available exclusively in Phantasy Star Portable.


PM Device GH410
Partner machine evolution device
Maid type
Combat: With owner
Gigas Espada

PM Profile

PM model GH410 Sword icon.gif
Description Will stick by your side devotedly and slash at enemies. Skilled with a long blade.
Combat Sticks to its master.
Syn. trend Striking

Partner Card

Gender Female Race CAST
Type Hunter (1) Level +10
Card requirements At Creation or 10000 meseta
Card comment Please use this card when I can be of service!


  • This info is from PSU and may be inaccurate for PS:P.
Weapon Name Linked Effect Used during
Neutral G.R.M. Hanzo Spinning Break Level 21 to 30 Skill Levels 1+
Twin sabers
Neutral G.R.M. Sharp Twins Assault Crush Level 11 to 20 Skill Levels 25+
Light Yohmei Wandra Resta Level 11 to 20 TECHNIC Levels 1+
Equipment Name Slot Effect Used during
Line shields
Neutral G.R.M.  ?line Line shield - Levels 1+
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