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Phantasy Star Portable This article pertains to an item, mission or other feature available exclusively in Phantasy Star Portable.

Titles are earned by reaching certain goals in the game, such as defeating a required number of enemies or completing particular missions On occasion, unique rewards are given after earning a title.

Title Requirements Reward Boost bonus
De Ragan Slayer Defeated 5 De Ragans Burn / Resist --
Zoal Goug Slayer Defeated 5 Zoal Gougs Cati / Rainbow --
Bil De Golus Slayer Defeated 5 Bil De Goluses Cati / Anti Down --
De Ragnus Slayer Defeated 5 De Ragnuses Solid / Anti Up --
Alteraz Slayer Defeated 5 Alterazgohgs Confuse / Resist --
Onmagoug Slayer Defeated 5 Onmagougs Silence / Resist --
Dimmagolus Slayer Defeated 5 Dimmagoluses Shock / Resist --
De Rol Le Slayer Defeated 5 De Rol Les Freeze / Resist --
Adahna Slayer Defeated 5 Adahna Degahnas Sleep / Resist --
Magas Slayer Defeated 5 Magas Maggahnas Stun / Resist --
Fakis 1st Slayer Defeated Dulk Fakis Form 1, 5 times Poison / Resist --
Fakis 2nd Slayer Defeated Dulk Fakis Form 2, 5 times Virus / Resist --
Super Rookie Defeated 100 creatures Laser Pannon Meseta, EXP +2%
Super Ace Defeated 500 creatures Din De Bel Meseta, EXP +2%
Super Elite Defeated 1000 creatures Sacred Dusters Meseta, EXP +2%
Super Hero Defeated 10000 creatures Bringer Rifle Meseta, EXP +2%
Creature Master Defeated all creatures Magana Slayer
Combat Newcomer Cleared free missions 3 times Amore Rose EXP +3%
Up and Coming Cleared free missions 10 times Samba Maracas EXP +3%
One to Watch Cleared free missions 25 times Ank Bico EXP +3%
Top Contender Cleared free missions 50 times Dallgunrod EXP +3%
Ultimate Warrior Cleared free missions 100 times Robopitch Grenade EXP +3%
Rookie Guardian Reached level 1 Goggles --
Young Guardian Reached level 10 Grinder x10 Meseta, EXP +2%
Zealous Guardian Reached level 20 Grinder x10 Meseta, EXP +2%
Solid Guardian Reached level 30 Grinder x10 Meseta, EXP +2%
Guardian Officer Reached level 40 Grinder x10 Meseta, EXP +2%
Superior Guardian Reached level 50 Aura Field Meseta, EXP +2%
1st Class Guardian Reached level 60 Grinder x10 Meseta, EXP +2%
Guardian Instructor Reached level 70 Grinder x10 Meseta, EXP +2%
Elite Guardian Reached level 80 Grinder x10 Meseta, EXP +2%
Guardian Hero Reached level 90 Grinder x10 Meseta, EXP +2%
Ultimate Guardian Reached level 100 Whitill Wing Meseta, Rare drop +2%
Skill Master Raised 10 skills to level 30 Gravity Break 2x skill EXP
Bullet Master Raised 10 bullets to level 30 Mayalee Fury 2x bullet EXP
TECHNIC Master Raised 10 TECHNICs to level 30 Megistar 2x TECHNIC EXP
Angry Solider Reached Hunter level 5 Gravity Strike Rare drop +2%
Whirlwind Slicer Reached Hunter level 10 Tornado Dance Rare drop +2%
Quiet Hunter Reached Ranger level 5 Penetrating Hit Rare drop +2%
Lone Sniper Reached Ranger level 10 Boma Maga Rare drop +2%
Shining Mage Reached Force level 5 Regrant Rare drop +2%
Photon Wizard Reached Force level 10 Giresta Rare drop +2%
Flying Berzerker Reached Fighmaster level 5 Dus Majarra Rare drop +2%
Mega Destroyer Reached Fighmaster level 10 Anga Jabroga Rare drop +2%
Magnificent Gunner Reached Gunmaster level 5 Twin Penetration Rare drop +2%
Supreme Assassin Reached Gunmaster level 10 Killer Shot Rare drop +2%
Spirit Sorceror Reached Masterforce level 5 Dizas Rare drop +2%
Photon Protector Reached Masterforce level 10 Rentis Rare drop +2%
Hurricane Striker Reached Acromaster level 5 Chikki Kyoren-jin Rare drop +2%
Light Speed Killer Reached Acromaster level 10 Chuei Jitotsushin Rare drop +2%
Stealthy Tactician Reached Protranser level 5 Mayalee Prism Rare drop +2%
Explosive Maestro Reached Protranser level 10 Ikk Hikk Rare drop +2%
Mobile Defense Cleared Chapter 1 in story mode Resta Meseta, rare drop +2%
Intel Section Cleared Chapter 2 in story mode Cross Hurricane Meseta, rare drop +2%
SEED Intel Section Cleared Chapter 3 in story mode Spiral Dance Meseta, rare drop +2%
R&D Section Cleared Chapter 4 in story mode Masei-sou Meseta, rare drop +2%
Rogue Family Cleared Chapter 5 in story mode Bukuu Saien-zan Meseta, rare drop +2%
Armed Servant Cleared Chapter 6 in story mode Reverser Meseta, rare drop +2%
AMF Elite Unit Cleared Chapter 7 in story mode Mayalee Hit Meseta, rare drop +2%
Eternal Traveler Cleared Chapter 8 in story mode Absolute Dance Meseta, rare drop +2%
Willing Martyr Became incapacitated 100 times (Okikudohg) --
Crusher Maximum damage exeeded 300 Final Impact --
Berserker Maximum damage exeeded 600 Lollipop --
Annihilator Maximum damage exeeded 1800 Bardiche --
Meseta Tycoon Total Meseta reached 1000000 Meseta Fury Meseta +3%
Sword Collector Collected 80% of all swords De Ragan Slayer
Knuckle Collector Collected 80% of all knuckles Gudda Igga --
Spear Collector Collected 80% of all spears Mugunburga --
D. Saber Collector Collected 80% of all double sabers Ragan-Ragan
Axe Collector Collected 80% of all axes Ank Buti
T. Saber Collector Collected 80% of all twin sabers Tyrant Spada
T. Dagger Collector Collected 80% of all twin daggers Tamagiri-zashi
T. Claw Collector Collected 80% of all twin claws Shide-Misaki
Saber Collector Collected 80% of all sabers Apocalypse
Dagger Collector Collected 80% of all daggers Deraga-zashi
Claw Collector Collected 80% of all claws Ohga-Misaki
Whip Collector Collected 80% of all whips Vish Diraga --
Slicer Collector Collected 80% of all slicers Asura-hiken
Rifle Collector Collected 80% of all rifles Killer Elite
Shotgun Collector Collected 80% of all shotguns Shigga Pakuda
Longbow Collector Collected 80% of all longbows Nasuyoteri
Grenade Collector Collected 80% of all grenades Gur Hanab
Laser Collector Collected 80% of all lasers Love Inferno
T.H. Gun Collector Collected 80% of all twin handguns Battlestopper
Handgun Collector Collected 80% of all handguns De Ragun --
Crossbow Collector Collected 80% of all crossbows Cubo Simba
Card Collector Collected 80% of all cards Kaza-kikami
M. gun Collector Collected 80% of all machineguns Deathrain
R Mag Collector Collected 80% of all ranged mags Elsral --
Rod Collector Collected 80% of all rods Okarod --
Wand Collector Collected 80% of all wands Bajura --
TECH Mag Collector Collected 80% of all TECHNIC mags Delpi
Cooking Fighter Obtained a grilling weapon Juicy Line --
Colony Tourist Completed all G. Colony free missions Tero / All Save EXP +2%
Parum Tourist Completed all Parum free missions Solid / Bullet Save EXP +2%
Neudaiz Tourist Completed all Neudaiz free missions Cati / TECH Save EXP +2%
Moatoob Tourist Completed all Moatoob free missions Solid / TECH Save EXP +2%
Not the Only Hero Played co-op multiplayer mode Rappy Suit
Title Collector Collected 30 titles Opaopa --
PS Perfect Collected all titles (Hyakka Ryo-ran)

The way to PS Perfect

While most titles might seem really straight-forward to obtain, a select few are still harder.

Whereas for the Japanese version both Kog Nadd and Zasharogan could not be found without 2+/3+ players before they appeared in download missions, this might complicate things for US players without multiple PSPs/copies (or local friends who play it), a PS3 or an Xlink Kai-compatible PC. Either way, considering that Neudaiz free mission Cost of Research cannot be cleared without a second player either, other titles such as (Neudaiz Tourist) and (Not the Only Hero) are unobtainable without other people as well.

As a general note on obtaining 80% in all weapon types, all non-Kubara non-Crea A-rank weapons should be obtainable from their respective manufacturers' shops, while all non-Kubara 1~7* weapons plus B-/A-rank Kubara copies should be obtainable from the Colony weapons shop. Shop inventory changes every ten minutes (based on the PSP's internal clock), so a good way to get more low-end weapons is to try the shops every ten minutes -- however, it has also been shown to be possible to change the internal clock to guarantee they'll sell certain items. For information on how to obtain other items, please check their respective articles, or, in case that fails, try the 'What links here' link at the bottom of the sidebar. Please note that with the removal of download content from the US version, information on how to obtain previously DLC-exclusive rares might not be updated yet (please help update the info or post it[1][2] if possible).

Others have noted it actually becomes increasingly harder[3] to obtain certain area drops once the player has obtained a higher drop rate through the title system. As for weapons this would primarily influence Creas, Papillon Ciel and the 10* Kubara copies (unlike the B/A Kubara copies that are still sold in shops anyway). Weapons aside, Me / Quick, Sweet Line, some clothing items and PA disks are also affected. Believers have advised people to collect these area drops[4] before increasing their drop rate by too much (or even at all), even though it is not actually the case these drops become unavailable at a higher drop rate.

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