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Phantasy Star Portable This article pertains to an item, mission or other feature available exclusively in Phantasy Star Portable.

LV HU/FM drops RA/GM drops FO/MF drops AM/PT drops Missions
1-19 Raduke Tillarc Shooter Tiller Look Desert Goliath C, Endrum Remnants C
20-39 Goraduke Lumars Vullseye Lumars Desert Goliath B, Endrum Remnants B
40-59 Rogaduke Card Fante Assasin Card Fante Desert Goliath A, Endrum Remnants A
60-79 Galdike Card Regina Phantom Card Regina Desert Goliath S, Endrum Remnants S
80-99 Ebrozike  ?  ?  ? (Famitsu Quiz Stadium), (Scrap Ghost III)
 ? All missions listed above.
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