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Phantasy Star Universe
This article pertains to an item, mission or other feature from the offline version of Phantasy Star Universe.

Bullets can be used to grant elements to ranged weapons, and to increase their Att., at the cost of both Acc. and PP (the bullets) for each attack using that particular weapon. Bullets can be taught to characters using bullet disks, and can only be used by attaching them to a ranged weapon of the appropriate weapon type. Only one bullet can be attached to a weapon at once.

Bullets increase in level based on the number of successful hits per shot. Depending on the weapon, the rate at which bullets level can vary. At levels 11 and 21, bullets will sometimes improve their status effect level or number of bullets per shot.

Bullet cap 30 30 30

Bullet names

The bullet names reflect the element of the bullet. The names are based on the exclusive manufacturer of the weapon (ex. Handguns have G.R.M. names, Shotguns have Tenora names, etc).

Element Status effect G.R.M. name Yohmei name TENORA name
Fire Burn Burn/Burning Ensei- Banga
Ice Freeze Freeze/Frozen Reisei- Riga
Lightning Shock Plasma Raisei- Inga
Ground Silence Grav Jisei- Diga
Light Confusion Rising Yousei- Yoga
Dark Infection Dark Insei- Megiga

Experience patterns

Pattern Hits TNL Total hits Associated weapon types
1-11 11-21 21-30 → 10 → 20 → 30
#1 28 78 134 252 982 2266
#2 42 117 206 378 1473 3444
Twin handguns
#3 49 137 236 441 1723 3984
Laser cannons
#4 56 156 268 504 1964 4532
#5 84 234 402 756 2946 6798
#6 117 312 536 1053 3978 9114
  • TNL: to next level. The number of hits needed to reach the next level of the bullet.
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