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PSU offline talk:Phantasy Star Universe

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Work-in-progress details

If you update the data in the existing pages please update this table to indicate what's remaining to do, thank you. Essen 11:32, 18 June 2008 (CDT)

Page Status Comment Old pages
This page Started Needs a good design and the PSU box pic, maybe a link to buy the game. Features is created but perhaps more info is needed. --
Missions Complete Lack availability Missions_(offline)
Drops In progress Lack links, drop info to be confirmed --
GUARDIANS Barracks Complete -- My_Room_Accessories_(Offline)
Skills Near Completion Errors on the skill tables needs to be fixed (PA fragments and extra cells need to be deleted) Skills (offline)
Bullets Complete -- Bullets (has offline infos)
TECHNICs Near Completion Technic values should be edited centering needed on tables. --
Stats Complete Missing stats are not known. User:Beatrixkiddo/Enemy_stats
Synthesis In progress Needs a compilation table at least for the rest of the material types. Otherwise divide each into categories with separate tables. --
Types Complete -- (no more infos remaining for original PSU)
Weapon grinding In progress Lack sell prices Weapon_grinding#Offline
GUARDIANS Colony shops Complete (an included template doesn't exist yet) Shops (various links & infos)
Parum shops Complete --
Neudaiz shops TODO --
Moatoob shops TODO --
Consumable items shops Complete --
Photon Art disks shops Complete --
Synthesis materials shops Complete --
Bruce's shops TODO -- --
Consumables items TODO -- --
Line shields In progress Lack boards sell price, materials Line_shields_(offline)
Units In progress Lack 3 pics, sell price, availability Units_(offline)
Swords In progress -- Swords (offline)
Knuckles In progress -- Knuckles (offline)
Spears In progress -- Spears (offline)
Double sabers In progress -- Double sabers (offline)
Twin sabers In progress -- Twin sabers (offline)
Twin daggers In progress -- Twin Daggers (offline)
Twin claws In progress -- Twin Claws (offline)
Striking_weapon_boards (vahra claw board)
Sabers In progress -- Sabers (offline)
Daggers In progress -- Daggers (offline)
Claws In progress -- Claws (offline)
Rifles In progress -- Rifles (offline)
Shotguns In progress -- Shotguns (offline)
Longbows In progress In the weapon description we need to put that in this version longbows hit multiple hit box. Longbows (offline)
Laser cannons In progress -- Laser cannons (offline)
Twin handguns In progress -- Twin Handguns (offline)
Handguns In progress -- Handguns (offline)
Crossbows In progress -- Crossbows (offline)
Machineguns In progress -- Machineguns (offline)
Rods In progress -- Rods (offline)
Wands In progress -- Wands (offline)


Availability is used to indicate from which chapters an item or mission is available. All pages currently lack this information. If you wish to fill it or if you're gonna play the game again, please tell me so I can explain exactly what's needed. Thank you. Essen 11:32, 18 June 2008 (CDT)

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