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A very soft metal that amplifies psychic power.

Item details

  • The Japanese name of this item is パウラル.
  • Required in the synthesis of 13-15★ TECHNIC weapons.
  • Can be obtained at random through the failed synthesis of S-grade Ambition of the Illuminus TECHNIC weapons.
  • Can be purchased at RSD: Trading Station for 50 AMP.
  • Can be obtained by trading in the following items at Ice Crystal Exchange:
  • Can be purchased at Urban Defense for 500 points.
  • Required in the exchange for the following items at the G.R.M. Shop location of Flagship R&D:
  • Required in the exchange for the following items at the Yohmei Shop location of Flagship R&D:

Drop information

Drop information
Source Level Ver. Type
SEED-Lab staff 1-199 Ambition of the Illuminus Metal
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