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Photon Charger

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A Photon Charger.

A Photon Charger is a commonplace restorative beacon found in many places within Phantasy Star Universe, both in Story Mode and Network Mode.

It's appearance is simple - a floating cube that shifts through a range of colors while it spins.

It's function is particularly simple - for a meseta payment directly linked to the amount of PP needed, a player can restore the entire PP gauge for a weapon of their choice, or all weapons.

The exact meseta cost required for such a charge is unknown. Some players believe that recharging a weapon with more stars increases the cost per PP restored, while others believe this is a misconception caused because "greater" weapons have larger PP gauges to fill.

Photon Chargers are located in lobbies (there is at least one in each of the planetary cities) and Outposts (there is at least one in every outpost). In Story and Extra Modes, they are sometimes seen accompanied by Save Markers. In Network Mode, they are often seen alongside Universe Transporters.

There are also some Photon Chargers located within missions themselves. There is always one located immediately before a boss warp, there is one located before sub-bosses in certain missions, and occasionally there is one located within the mission itself (the most-known examples of this are Mad Creatures and Sleeping Warriors).

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